Sunday, August 31, 2014

Hot Pink Polish Comparison Post: Essie Sure Shot, Essie Fruit Sangria, Essie Watermelon, Maybelline Pink Shock, Sheswai Babe

Hello honeydews,
I thought I'd end August with a quick little comparison post. I don't think it's fair to compare polishes based on how the application of polish to one nail but I have linked to each of my reviews in the key that follows.
Thumb- Essie Sure Shot
Pointer- Essie Fruit Sangria
Middle- Essie Watermelon
Ring- Maybelline Pink Shock
Pinky- Sheswai Babe
Since I'm just swatching for a comparison post and none of the polishes were super sheer, I just painted two coats of each polish.

Essie Sure Shot and Essie Fruit Sangria are shimmer polishes. Essie Watermelon and Sheswai Babe are creme polishes. Maybelline Pink Shock is a jelly polish. As you can see, Essie Sure Shot is clearly darker than the others while Sheswai Babe is more of a true pink. Maybelline Pink Shock stands out without top coat because it has an almost rubbery look like certain matte polishes. Fruit Sangria and Watermelon are the closest matches but as you can see, there are no exact dupes here.
Left: Essie Fruit Sangria
Right: Essie Watermelon
 Left: Essie Fruit Sangria
Right: Essie Watermelon

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