Wednesday, December 4, 2013

NEST Fragrance Sample Sale Report December 2013

Hello my darlings,
December 4 - December 6
Wed-Thurs 9am - 6pm
Fri 9am - 1pm
601 W 26th St. b/n 11th and 12th Ave Suite 360

UPDATE: Aerin Candles $20, Link Candles $5, Tall Pillar Candles 3 for $12, Small Pillar Candles 3 for $10, Classic Candles still $17 but 6 for $90

I am just back from the NEST sample sale. Seriously, my hands are still stinging from carrying those bags of candles. I barely made it to the subway and was walking in pathetic half-block increments. Someone remind me to get a significant other or a trolley. Anyway, that is my only complaint about the sale. While prices were not at rock bottom (You can see from Mizhattan's post from the last sale that Aerin candles used to be $20... now $25 and classic candles used to be $15... now $17) I did manage to find a lot of beautiful scents and I'm very happy with all of my purchases. I think this is definitely a sale for you to check out as there are items available in all price ranges from $5 to $25 and any girls who are addicted to Bath and Body Works will not want to miss this sale.

OK, let's get into the actual merchandise because I took a ridiculous number of pictures. Which reminds me... the girls working at the sale were complete sweethearts. Let's just say I was a hot mess today and they took it all in stride and were as helpful as possible.

Fine Fragrance Rollerballs $15 each
Fine Fragrance Parfum EDP $50
Fine Fragrance Cream $25
3X6 Pillar Candles $7
They also had a cheaper version of these candles on the other side of the room. If I'm remembering correctly, they were 3X4 Pillar Candles and cost $5 or $6. 
I don't remember each of the scents but I think there were peach, rose, lemon, lime, and tulip candles each with an accompanying note. 
Glass Candles $10
Glass Candles $10
Pillar Holders $5
I think these are so pretty, especially for the holidays and even if you don't have a candle that fits, you could use them for storage. I think these pillar holders would be a great way to store earrings or rings so they don't get lost.
Bar Soap $5
Wasabi Pear
Bar Soap $5
I didn't really love the scent of this one but there was a woman grabbing them two at a time.
Bar Soap $5 Moroccan Amber
Reed Diffusers $19
Link Jar Candles $8
Some of these smell so delicious. If you like Bath and Body Works candles, these are the ones you'll like. The scent is nice and strong and they just seem perfect for the holidays. Holiday Berry Spiced Clove is just slightly spicy and smells like Christmas to me. Harvest Pumpkin Warm Spice is a creamy, sweeter scent. It reminds me of the vanilla/marshmallow candles that Bath and Body Works carries but I like it much better. These are the candles I'm really tempted to go back and get more of.
Tin Candles $10
If I'm remembering right these candles have two or three wicks. I didn't see the point in getting something heavier to add to my burden so I skipped past these pretty quickly. 
Classic Candles $17
3-Wick Birchwood Pine $25
I didn't see very many 3-wick candles other than these. Basically, the medium sized candles are $17 and the larger ones are $25. 
Classic Candles $25
Why are these "classic candles" more expensive? They are part of the Aerin line and they come in a heavy frosted glass. I resisted the display because of the shocking price tag even though the girl was very sweet but I could not resist the candles in the following photo.
Classic Candles $25
These are more Aerin candles. The Sky Winter was the one I caved and bought. It smells like gardenia. I don't discuss fragrance a lot on this site but like a lot of people I am obsessed with gardenia and jasmine. Because of the lovely packaging, this would make a great hostess gift or Christmas present but no, this one is all mine. If you're looking for a special gift, head right to this display as I'm not sure how many more of them they have. 
Paisley Body Wash $5
One scent was jasmine something or other and I can't remember what the green body wash was supposed to smell like. In spite of my obsession with jasmine and the low price tag, I did not like the scent of this one. 
Classic Candles $17
I'm pretty sure all the scents that you could find on the website were there. 
I saw Orange Blossom and Moroccan Amber. And I think the other two were the moss and mint and bamboo candles. I forgot to take a picture (and I was also juggling bags at this point) but they also had a Peony candle in a pretty light pink box. It smelled lovely but subtle so I reluctantly put it back. If I returned to the sale, I'd go back for it. 

Classic Candles $17
Box Candles $8
Glass Candles $10
Body Cream 
Unfortunately my photo with the price is very blurry and they kept the receipt (which was a full price list) so I can't tell you how much these cost. 
Whew! Are you as exhausted as I am after all that? Anyway, if anything in the post interested you, I would definitely make time for this sale. It was reasonably busy when I stopped by at mid-afternoon but I don't think there were more than 20 shoppers at one time and it was a fairly large space. They take cash or credit but when I paid in cash she asked me if I had exact change so cash may not be your best option. There is no coat check or bag check. I asked about future price decreases and restocking. I basically got a no on further discounts and a maybe on restocking. And as a personal tip, although they give you bags, they come with those really thin rope handles so I'd really advise you to bring a tote bag with wide straps if you're planning on stocking up on heavy candles. Your hands will thank you.

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  1. Hi Cat!
    Tks so much for your post! just wondering if there were any sandalwood perfume available? since your picture only showed the three other scent?

  2. You're very welcome. Sorry, Tina. If it's not in the photo then I don't remember if they had it at the sale. There was another table of fragrances that had the White Narcisse perfume for $15 but I cannot for the life of me remember if I saw sandalwood.