Thursday, June 12, 2014

Chloe + Isabel Sample Sale Report June 2014

Hello darlings!
I am just back from the Chloe + Isabel sample sale taking place at 122 Hudson St between N. Moore St. and Ericsson Place (fifth floor). Yes, I know it's late to be posting a sample sale report, but the sale opened today (Thursday June 12) at 4:00 pm. If you'd still like to attend, the sale closes today at 9:00 pm and reopens tomorrow from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm. Yup, that's only a few hours of shopping time which is why I'm rushing to get this post up.
I sent an RSVP ahead of time but it was absolutely unnecessary. They do ask you to sign in with your email address which I did as a courtesy since I showed up a little early. There is no coat or bag check. There will be restocking but I wouldn't count on any markdowns given the dramatic discount and the fact that this is a two day sale. Both cash and credit is accepted.
So, let's get down to business. For this sale, you're going to want to bring your A game. First, you have the option of going to the "inventory room" or the "damaged room." You'll have to make this call for yourself though they "encourage" you to go to the inventory room first. I, of course, went to the inventory room first to scope out the stock for you ladies. When I was there everything was laid out neatly on the tables but as there are no clear dividers, things might get a little disorganized if the sale gets very busy. The price list is fairly simple to follow but make sure you're paying attention to which items are "statement" necklaces and earrings and which are just normal necklaces and earrings because there is a significant price hike. I saw a lot of items that are still being sold on the website at the regular retail price so don't hesitate to scoop up things you like. You're getting a great deal on all of the merchandise.
I spotted the Ocean Lace Long Pendant Necklace (retail $68) with the Statement Necklaces.

Sorry I don't have better photos. Everything was wrapped up in these plastic bags.
I wasn't really sure what was in the Sterling Silver basket but I did spy this cute wishbone ring.

I managed to locate the Engraved Spinner Pendant Necklace (retail $38), the Pave and Textured Leaves Long Necklace (retail $68), and the Pom Pom Pendant Necklace (retail $38). 

I spied the Deco Statement Leather Wrap Bracelet (retail $58) with the Statement Bracelets. I can't remember if the Metal Teardrop Flex Bracelet (retail $52) was with the statement bracelets or the regular bracelets.
The charms basket contained the Tresors Birds on a Branch Locket Charm (retail $32) 
Tresors Moon + Star Charm  $32 on the website, discounted to $10
This version is a different color from the one on the website. 

Rings $10
The Set of Six Stackable Rings (retail $42) was in this section which is a fantastic deal considering the retail price and the fact that you're getting 6 rings. I think I spotted some size 6 rings and some size 8 rings but not all of the bags had size labels.
I found the Art Deco Trapeze Earrings (retail $42) among the regular earrings in both yellow and blue and the Organic Teardrop Earrings (retail $28) in this section.
I found the Sculpted Curved Metal Stick Earrings (retail $24) among the regular earrings.
 I spotted the Sunset on the Seine Statement Studs (retail $34) among the statement earrings.
Now, for the fun part. Remember that damages room I mentioned? Well, if you pay $10 for a plastic bag, you get the privilege of going into the damages room for 15 minutes. Yes, 15 minutes. They will time you. You may rummage through the boxes as much as you'd like but everything you get has to fit into that plastic bag. This is no time for etiquette and proper manners. Get in there and hustle! You only have 15 minutes! I don't know any other sports metaphors!

Quite a few of the items in the damages room are only missing one gem or are barely damaged and you'll be getting it for less than $10 anyway. I spied a dupe of a Statement V-Collar Necklace (retail $88) selling for $40 in the inventory room in another color in the damages room that was only missing one crystal. 

For reference, this is my damages bag. I expect you to do just as well.
Oh, and one more tip! They only have these gift bags so if you're planning on a large haul and you don't want to carry a bunch of small plastic bags around, make sure there's room in your purse or bring an extra tote.

Finally, I spotted the Deco Cascade Statement Earrings (retail $58), Le Rococo Post Drop Earrings (retail $48), Organic Link Toggle Bracelet (retail $42), and the Interlocking Double Teardrop Necklace (retail $38) but I can't remember which section I found them in.

I hope this gives you all the information you need to decide whether or not to check out this sale. I think you can tell what I'd recommend. (Go! Go! Go!)

Happy shopping, Cat

P.S. If you'd like, I will do a separate post showing you my haul from this sale. Just leave a request in the comments.

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  1. yes! please do a separate post showing your haul from the sale. would love to see what you purchased!