Saturday, April 11, 2015

REVIEW of Zoya Lacquer in Charlotte With SWATCHES

Hello peanuts,

I haven't reviewed a polish like this in a while since I stopped my subscription to ipsy. I picked up this Zoya polish during a promotion where you got three random mini polishes sent to you as part of your order. I haven't tested the other two polishes yet. Neither of them really strike me as fantastic colors that I'd pick out for myself but as you know I have a problem and I can never have too much nail polish.

Color: Zoya Charlotte is a beige creme polish. It's a nude creme that reminds me of polishes like Essie Sand Tropez and OPI Skull and Glossbones but I don't think it's a dupe for either. It's not a normal nude. It has a yellowish and grayish tone that reminds me most of when concealers start to look ghostly over your dark circles. Maybe there's also a bit of green in there. It should be a sickly looking polish and it kind of is when you first apply it but the longer I wore this the more I became accustomed to it. It's not so extreme that it's ugly pretty but it is kind of flattering on me. I think it could be flattering if you favor cool tones.
Formula: This polish has a thicker formula.
Application: The first coat went on smoothly without drag. However, trying to even out the polish just creates streaks and displaces polish. Of course not evening out the polish also results in a streaky look. I will say that the coverage was good for a lighter polish. It's definitely a creme and not a sheer polish. The second coat also went on smoothly. It was still a little streaky but less so. The third coat was still streaky. It wasn't thick and gloopy but it just wouldn't even out. At three coats the polish still fails a light test despite what I said about it not being a sheer polish. I added a fourth coat to my pinky and ring fingernails but it didn't make much a of a difference in opacity and it just made the ridges in the manicure look thicker so I wouldn't recommend a fourth coat.
Wear: I only wore this polish for a few days so I don't have anything to say about wear.

CONCLUSION: I wouldn't have purchased this polish for myself but I ended up finding the color more flattering that I thought I would. However, it's not that flattering and the application is poor. I wouldn't recommend it. You can find better nudes.

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Alexis Bittar 20% Off Sale

Hi chickadees,

I haven't done one of these sale posts in a while. I just wanted to let you know that Alexis Bittar is having a 20% off Friends and Family Sale. No offer code needed. Just add something to your cart and you should see the discount applied. The sale is going on in store and online and ends April 12.