Monday, July 30, 2012

Target Beauty Bag Product Review PART TWO

Pantene Flat to Volume Conditioner for Fine Hair

This product sounded perfect for me, but it is so difficult to tear me away from my regular Garnier shampoo. After Garnier everything feels kind of thick and leaves my hair with a slightly stick residue. But I decided to give this a shot. My hair routine is absolutely terrible. I use too much product, I know. I start off with Head and Shoulders shampoo, then follow with the Ultimate Shine Shampoo Bar from Lush, wash that out with my beloved Garnier shampoo and then finish with my Garnier conditioner.
Full disclosure, the first time I tried to use this product I was extremely sleep deprived so I ended up using 3x as much product as I would have normally because I was convinced it was a shampoo and thus confused as to why it wouldn't lather up. So there goes 3 testing days. I used 2x my normal portion, realized my mistake, washed it out with shampoo and then finished with the conditioner again. But I count that as an invalid test.

The second time I tried to use this product, I didn't wash my hair for a few days, letting it get very tangly. A little too tangled. The conditioner did a nice job of working through some the tangles but my hair was still a mess. I had to go through another cycle of washing and conditioning with my Garnier products. So this possibly might not be the best product for very tangled hair. Also, my scalp itched after washing my hair. I don't think it was caused by the product, but this conditioner did nothing to alleviate the itch.

I love the way the product smells. It leaves your hair with a very subtle, light, clean scent but straight from the bottle or when you're using it in the shower the smell is intoxicating. It reminds me of Tocca perfumes and candles, very light and feminine in a mature kind of way. If Pantene distilled this scent to a perfume I would totally buy it.

Neutrogena Visibly Bright Daily Facial Cleanser
It is so difficult to make me change my skincare routine. My skin is very finicky. It's either in very bad shape, in which case, I don't really feel like it's fair to test out products and expect them to have amazing results...or it is perfect and I don't want to upset the balance.

However, I finally did get around to doing some testing when my skin was smooth and blemish free. I used it after I had removed my makeup so there wasn't anything to break down. I like the consistency. The product is a clear gel which turns white with the addition of water. The fragrance wasn't too heavy and the scent was bright and refreshing. My skin felt a tiny bit smoother after using the product and it may have looked a little bit brighter. I don't think this is one of those products where you're going to see a massive improvement, but if you like the scent and the way it feels, it might be something nice to add to your routine. The good news is it didn't break me out or dry out my skin.

SWATCHES of Essie's A Crewed Interest

Hi chickadees,

I'm going to keep this one short. These are just some old swatches of Essie's A Crewed Interested (a light peach creme polish) I had saved on my computer from a nail salon appointment gone wrong. Let's not get into it. I don't need to relive that. Suffice it to say that there is a reason I prefer doing my own nails and suggest you do so as well.

Obviously it's different getting your nails done and doing them yourself but from what I could tell, the polish was a little thick and streaky and did not apply evenly. Even after 3 coats, there were some clear bald patches. Though, admittedly there were a lot of things wrong with this manicure. As you can see from the swatches below, my nails look kind of gritty, like there's something trapped in the polish. I don't even want to think about it. And she didn't even bother filing the tips until they were smooth. Ugh. OK, enough ranting.


Saturday, July 28, 2012

REVIEW Pixi Tink Tint

Hello chickadees,

Yup, I've finally decided. I really do not like this product. You could probably track the story of my experience obtaining Pixi Tink Tint through my blog posts. At first I'd heard great things and was incredibly excited about it. Then, I heard about a Target sale and wanted to get it so I could get a Tinkerbell tote bag as an accompanying gift. And then I tried it and well, failed to love it. I tried my best to give this product a fair chance. It's supposed to be one of those color changing lip products that adjusts to the chemistry of each person's body. I was disappointed when it ended up being an incredibly bright, artificial looking pink on me when it seemed like such a perfect "my lips but better" color in other blogger's swatches. Still, I wanted to see if I'd at least like it as a product even if I didn't love the color. The product has a nice minty smell though the taste is a little artificial and strange. Also, it causes my lips to tingle for a while after I've applied it though it doesn't result in any noticeable plumping. It glides on the lips easily and feels like a silky lip balm. Unfortunately, it dries out my lips. Every single time I wear it, it dries out my lips. I've tried every kind of balm and gloss I have over and under it and it still dries out my lips. And not in a sort of dry instead of moisturizing way. It really dries out my lips, to the point that in winter, it caused them to flake and split quite painfully. To me, the only positive thing I can say about the product is that I like the packaging. It fails to deliver everything I look for in a lip product from color to moisture to taste/smell.

CONCLUSION: I cannot think of anything to recommend this product. It is also kind of on the expensive side for what is essentially a lip balm without a big color payoff or lasting power. I know Clinique, Tarte, and Revlon make similar lip products. If you're that attached to the concept of this product, I'd suggest checking out one of those lines instead.


Drugstore Product Stalking: 2522 Broadway

Hello chickadees!

So I haven't been buying a lot of makeup lately, or wearing a lot of makeup for that matter. My life is dominated by studying and when I do go out I try and keep it light so it doesn't all melt off my face. But I did have a chance to go into a Duane Reade recently and do a bit of nail polishing hauling (I purchased 2 Sinful Colors nail polishes in Firefly and Sweet Dreams and 2 OPI nail polishes in Just Spotted the Lizard and My Pointe Exactly). I spotted a lot of displays on my visit that I thought I'd mention. Sadly I did not have my camera at the time, but if I go back I'll try and take lots of pictures and update this post.

OPI NYC Ballet Collection 2012
If you've been following this blog for a while, you might know that I was obsessed with finding this collection for quite a while, especially after I tried out one of the colors at my favorite nail salon. Eventually, I located it at Eve Beauty Source after being told by OPI that the collection was only going to be carried at specialty beauty supply stores. Um, Duane Reade is NOT a specialty beauty supply store. If I had known I could have just waited a few months...argh. As noted above, I bought myself My Pointe Exactly (which is annoying $8.50 at Duane Reade when it's $8 or less almost everywhere else) though the entire collection was pretty well stocked when I was there.

OPI The Amazing Spider-man Collection 2012
This collection was much easier to find at Ricky's and other stores in the city but after a while it seemed like Just Spotted the Lizard was always out of stock. I had been wanting a backup for a while, so when I saw the display I decided not to second guess it and just pick up this popularly acknowledged dupe for Chanel Peridot. Again, the display was well-stocked.

L'Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Sticks
I have heard a lot of good things about these but I think I'll wait until they join the regular L'Oreal display. Right now everytime I check the display the colors are all in the wrong spots and because there's no seal, the lipsticks have been swatched and opened. From what I can tell, the current color selection is dominated by pink, natural shades with a few darker, more vibrant colors.

Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish
The display was there but it was rather empty. Most of the interesting colors were gone with just a few polishes hanging out when I checked. I have heard some good things about this polish so if you're interested, this is where you can find them.

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color
I have reviewed these already as part of my Summer 2012 Influenster Voxbox. I had a relatively good experience using the polish. Looking at the display case, it was very well-stocked. I'd say the only color that really popped for me other than Graphite Gravity (which is the one I own) would be the dark blue shade. Nothing against the rest of the colors, but that's the one I would consider purchasing. All the bottles have the same design so as far as I can tell, all the magnets will produce the same wavy pattern you can see in my swatches of Graphite Gravity. Also of note, there's a packet of Sally Hansen coupons beside the display case if that'll help influence your decision of whether or not to try these polishes out.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Updated Inventory of Untested Nail Polishes

Feel free to request for any of these to be moved to the top of the list for swatching and reviewing. I'll update this post from time to time if I've written a review or if I've bought new polishes.

Updated 9/22/12
Essie: Mochacino, Chinchilly, Sand Tropez, Jelly Apple, Jazz
Zoya: Gemma, Lael, Pinta, Natty, Willow, Breezi, Wednesday, Dove
Confetti: 93 Debutante, 6 I <3 U, Tazmanian Devil (top coat), Crimson Cutie
OPI: My Pointe Exactly, Piroutte My Whistle (top coat), Do You Lilac It?, You Callin Me a Lyre?
L'Oreal: 570, Stroke of Midnight, 370 Eiffel For You, 260 Sweet Nothings, 690 Amazon's Flare
Color Club: Chelsea Girl, Factory Girl, Ocrf Teal, New Bohemian, In the Limelight, Pucci-licious
saQu: 627, 631
Sally Hansen: 460 Snappy Sorbet, 310 Gunmetal, Blue Streak
Orly: Rage
Darling Diva Polish: Rose, Pendragon
Sinful Colors: Sweet Dreams, Why Not
Joe Fresh: Persian Blue, Denim, Hunter
Milani: Bolting Blue, White, Black Magic
Maybelline: 320 Green With Envy
Inglot: 306
Revlon: Whimsical

Friday, July 13, 2012

REVIEW of Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color in 908 Graphite Gravity with SWATCHES

Hello chickadees!

DISCLAIMER: Time for another review from my Influenster 2012 Summer Beauty Voxbox. Just so we're clear, unlike the majority of the products on this blog which I purchased with my own money, I was sent this product to review. However, that's not going to change what I have to say about it. My opinion cannot be swayed. Especially when it comes to bad nail polish. Fortunately, that's not a problem with the Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color in 908 Graphite Gravity that I was sent to try.
Pricing: The card that came with my Influenster Voxbox says that this product retails for $9.99. Now, I have no idea what that actually means as at least here in NYC everything at the drugstore seems to be a little more expensive than elsewhere. But taking that as the standard price makes Graphite Gravity more expensive than the top drugstore brands, Essie and OPI which go for about $8 but still less expensive than your highend/overpriced brands like Butter London, Chanel, and Dior. Personally, I'm OK with the price because I think it's better to buy something you love if it costs a little more vs. a product you don't love that's not going make you as happy but will save $2. And with the Sally Hansen, you're also paying for the magnet. Let's breakdown the specifics though.

 Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color
 OPI Nail Lacquer
 Essie Nail Polish
 around $8
 Amount of Product
 9.17 mL/0.31fl oz
 15mL/0.5 fl oz
 15 mL/0.5 fl oz
 Cost per mL
 around $0.53

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color: $9.99 (Color: 908 Graphite Gravity)What the card says... NEW! Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color is summer's hottest nail trend that allows you to create a gorgeous nail art effect in just seconds! This unique formula was specially developed with metallic particles -just hold the built-in magnet over wet polish to reveal a unique design on the nail.
Now, to get onto the actual review. I kind of love this polish. I tried it out and got a bit frustrated at first until I perfected my technique. Once you have that down, this product is a dream to apply. Now, their instructions are to apply a base coat and then one coat of polish. Then they want you to apply a thick coat of polish and immediately hold the magnet over the nail for 10 seconds. Because of all my trial and error, I know that you can paint more than one coat to cover the nail and you'll still be able to paint that final thick coat and get the desired effect with the magnet. The MOST important thing though is to do as they say and IMMEDIATELY hold the magnet over the nail for that final coat. My first few attempts I wasted time screwing the top of the bottle back on. Don't do that. Put the brush back in the bottle and then IMMEDIATELY hold the magnet over the nail for ten seconds. I didn't have any trouble with my nail hitting the magnet except with my thumb but that was my fault. I wasn't really paying close enough attention.

Color: I hate to say it but with the magnetic effect, this color is made up of shades of gray. Not fifty, though. More like three. There's a medium-tone metallic gray base and magnetic creates bands of a darker graphite gray and a lighter silvery/chrome gray. The polish photographed a little darker in the photos below.
Formula: This polish is opaque in 2 coats so if you wanted to follow their exact instructions you could. My swatches use a few more coats because I was practicing but the polish won't look any different or more opaque if you add more coats after the second. I would say its a metallic polish but the color is muted so it shouldn't be too overwhelming for people who prefer slightly more conservative nails.
Application: This polish was a dream to apply, right up there with my favorite Essie and OPI polishes. I told you I had a bit of trouble figuring out the magnet at first. Well, the first coat goes on OK but every successive coat just glides on without any effort. I actually think you could wear this on its own without the magnetic effect. Honestly, I have no complaints about application. The only part of the process that bugs me is how quickly you have to grab the magnetic and the fact that you don't know how the magnet will create the design so you can't get specific placement.
CONCLUSION: I would absolutely recommend this product. It's a great drugstore alternative to the more expensive magnetic polishes that other brands have been releasing. It applies like a dream and as long as you grab the magnet as soon as you paint your final coat of polish, the effect is easy to produce. I haven't seen it in stores yet but depending on the color selection, I would consider picking up more bottles of this polish. :)

UPDATE: My one small issue with this polish is that it doesn't wear very well. I know everyone isn't like me and doesn't expect nail polish to last forever but I usually don't have any problems getting my nail polish to last without chipping or scuffing weeks if I want it to if it's a good polish. It's just that my nails grow so fast that I need to switch up my polish or have huge gaps. Anyway, after about 4-5 days this polish isn't looking so great. It's wearing at the tips and there's definite scuffing.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Quaker Soft Baked Bar in Banana Nut Bread REVIEW

Quaker Soft Baked Bar in Banana Nut Bread: $3.29 for package of barsWhat the card says... Made with real bananas and almonds, Quaker Soft Bars in Banana Nut Bread flavor have tasty ingredients to help provide fuel to start your day. 5g Fiber, 20% of daily value of 5 B Vitamins and 6g of protein!
My first impressions were correct. This product is too sweet. I've been keeping it in my fridge and eating it bit by bit over a few days even though the bar is smaller than my hand. I just can't handle eating more than that in one sitting. In your first bite, you get all of that lovely banana nut bread flavor but as you chew, you hit the soy crisp rice and this terrible cloying, artificial taste. The packaging is right. If you nuke it in the microwave for about 10-15 seconds depending on how powerful your microwave is, it does taste better. But it's still too sweet. Because of the nutritional value and ingredients, I don't think this is healthy enough to recommend as a grab-and-go meal replacement or tasty enough to have as a treat. I think you'd be better off going to a bakery or baking your own banana bread. Even the store-bought kind isn't that bad.

(I received this product to review in my Influenster Summer Voxbox.)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Beauty VoxBox 2012: Product Rundown

Hi chickadees!

I wanted to share with you the present I got in the mail a few days Summer Beauty VoxBox finally arrived! Yay! Invisible balloons and confetti! Anyway, I haven't had a chance to try any of these out yet but I wanted to share the products I received and take some pictures before I start testing. So far I'm really impressed with the quality of products you get in these free sampler programs. VoxBoxes and Target Beauty Bags are kind of kicking the arse of Birchbox (which is so bad I don't even feel like writing a post about it).
Full disclosure, VoxBox is a program you sign up for on You can fill out different surveys and earn badges. If you qualify for whatever reason (I'm not sure what they're looking for, sorry!) they will send you a confirmation email and a few weeks later you'll receive your box in the mail. It's not a subscription program. But you are obligated to review the products on their website and on your blog or on your youtube channel, etc. Although I'm getting these products for free, I want to assert that my reviews and opinions are 100% truthful. I don't gain anything by praising products I don't like because I'd just be sent similar products that I also wouldn't like. I'm not being paid to write positive reviews.

I'll put more pictures in my full reviews of the products.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Things I Am Currently Obsessed With

Hi chickadees!

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
As an English major, admirer of classic literature, and a girl, I feel like I should be a big Jane Austen fan. But I'm not. It's a source of great shame that I try to hide from the other female English majors. I've gotten about a hundred pages into both Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility but I just kind of get fed up with her characters. They're pretty unlikable and hypercritical which can only sustain the reader's interest in a novel light on the plot for so long. The only novel of hers that I've finished and liked is Northanger Abbey and that's probably because she made the heroine so silly that she was incapable of spending her time criticizing other people and feeling intellectually superior. But, oddly enough, I tend to love all the Austen adaptations. The quirky ones, that is, like Lost in Austen and Bride and Prejudice. Not that awful Keira Knightley movie.
The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is a series of videos on youtube that adapts the story of Pride and Prejudice to modern day in the form of video diaries. The strength of the series is the way it avoids all the pitfalls of the original story. Lizzie can be harsh and overly critical but with this new format the other characters can call her on her behavior. Additionally, the story isn't only told through her perspective and some of the more extreme characters are softened in the retelling. Also, my favorite character from the book, Charlotte Lucas is great and Lizzie's sister Lydia completely steals the show. She is completely adorable. And I follow Kitty Bennet (actually a cat) on twitter. Anyway, I highly recommend checking it out.


Finding a Leather Jacket

Now, I already own a leather jacket. I picked it up on a rather uneventful vacation to Turkey. But it doesn't really fit that well anymore and possibly because of poor construction something odd is happening with the collar. So back here in the US, I'm looking for a replacement (in a different style, of course). It is darn near impossible to find a leather jacket made of reasonably good quality leather in anything approaching a flattering style for a good price. I've been considering just gettting something online but I hate not being able to try things on and I don't feel comfortable buying from an unvouched for website. So...still looking.

A Nighttime Moisturizer

My skin is acting up again. It's my fault. In the midst of testing out the products and samples I have lying around I have aggravated it and caused some unpleasant-looing peeling. Coupled with the air indoors and the fact that I haven't been venturing out much and thus applying my daytime moisturizer, my skin is rather parched. As much as I don't want to introduce anything new into my routine (it usually results in breakouts) I'm on the hunt for a good nighttime moisturizer for my dry skin that doesn't contain any SPF. Fleurdeforce just recommended something from La Roche Posay (which you may recognize as my favorite skincare brand) in her monthly favorites so I may try that out and let you know what I think.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

REVIEW of Wet n' Wild Megalast Salon Nail Color in I Need a Refresh-Mint

Hello my dears,

I've kept this polish in my stash for a while now because as much as I love my Wet n Wild eyeshadows and I love the color of this polish, I've been extremely skeptical about some rave reviews about its application. And, I was kind of right to be nervous. Full disclosure, I don't know how this polish holds up because I only kept it on for about 1.5 days.

  • The color is gorgeous. I've heard it described as a dupe for China Glaze's For Audrey, which we all know is intended to mimic Tiffany blue. To me it has a bit more green, kind of like Essie's Turquoise and Caicos. Maybe I'll do a comparison one day.
  • Opaque in 3 coats. This is fine for me. I don't need a one coat polish. As long as it doesn't take more than 3 coats for a polish to be opaque, I'm happy.
  • Formula seems alright. It may have been a little thick but I think the biggest problem was the brush and not the polish. I'd have to try with a different brush to say for certain.
  • In direct sunlight this polish works with the yellow undertones in my skin and does not bring out the red in my hands.
  • It's a great color for summer. It's very wearable but it can also look bright and fun. It's a way of making a subtle statement and a good sort of color-blocking shade.
  • Great value. It's near a dupe for other colors of this type for a lot cheaper. It's usually only about $1-$3 if I remember correctly and I picked it up when it was on sale for even less.
  • The brush is atrocious. The polish has a wide, flat brush which I actually didn't have too much of a problem with. My problem was that I could get at the sides of the nail I would miss in the first brushstroke because you can't go over the last brushstroke while the polish is wet. Why? Because the bristles of the brush are cut roughly and result in a streaky mess.
  • It is impossible to get even coats. There will be streaks on the sides of the nails. The surface of my nails is very smooth. I never do any buffing or sanding and the only time tools other than a nail file approach my hands is when I go to the salon. The uneveness of this polish's application gave me crazy ridges.
  • This isn't a "con" as much as a tip. If you shake up the polish, you will probably get bubbles.
  • During the evening/in artificial light the color is brighter and much more saturated and it can look a little harsh. Also, it brings out the redness in my skin.
  • Seche Vite is a little miracle worker but even my favorite topcoat couldn't even out all the ridges.
CONCLUSION: If you aren't overly concerned with a perfect paintjob and/or change your polish frequently, this readily accessible, very reasonably priced drugstore option might appeal to you. However, if you're kind of obsessive like I am, you're going to get fed up looking at the uneven polish and wipe it off after 1.5 days. Personally, I'd stick with the better brands and pick this up only for nail art or to see if you like this kind of color.

SWATCHES (Note: ridges not that apparent in pictures)

Elie Saab Couture Fall 2012 Makeup and Nails Interpretation

Hi chickadees!

Sometimes I haunt just scrolling through the runway slideslows. What can I say? Odd things calm me down. I could not be more in love with these looks from the Elie Saab Couture show. They are feminine and romantic, with great potential for inspiring makeup looks and nail art. I would suggest checking out the entire collection for yourself on

I love this combination of peach and gold. The model looks so light and ethereal but all of those warm tones bring life to the look.

For makeup, I'd probably use a peachy cream shadow or a cream blush on the lids. My recommendation is Urban Decay Afterglow in Blush. If you wanted to do eyeliner you'd have to keep it light so I might go with gold, silver, or a very light brown but you could really just finish the eyes with a bit of mascara. Any peach or light pink blush would do for the cheeks. If you wanted to go a bit bolder, you could try Stila Custom Color Blush in Self-Adjusting Coral. I wouldn't bother with anything on the lips but a balm.

For nails, I'd try L'Oreal nail polish in Versailles Romance with randomly stamped patches of a light gold polish and maybe some gold foiling. You can purchase gold foil for nails on Ebay or try a gold foil top coat.

This feels like a very modern interpretation of the Versailles inspired looks that pop up from time to time.

You could take the blue and gold up to the eyes but to actually pair a look with the dress I'd think more of warm browns and nude colors. Use old favorites like the Wet n Wild Coloricon Palette in Vanity (discontinued) or Wet n' Wild single eyeshadow in Nutty.

This dress screams splatter nails to me. Take any light blue in your collection. For me, it'd probably be Essie's Sweet Talker. If you wanted to pick up the color from the shoes, I'd suggest Revlon Dreamer or Essie Lapis of Luxury. There are lots of splatter nail tutorials online. Just grab a brush and a nice bottle of gold nail polish and splatter away.

This feels like the perfect time to pull out your favorite light shimmery shadow. The actual makeup look is a little bland for me. I'd use L'Oreal's HiP eyeshadow duo in Electrified or Stila Kitten on the eyes with some boldly drawn, precision black eyeliner. Then maybe some Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Dollface on the cheeks and a bold berry lip.

To actually pair with the dress, I'd keep nails simple with a nice gray, mushroom, or purple creme polish. Try L'Oreal nail polish in Greycian Goddess or Essie Carry On.

If you would like me to try out any of these looks, let me know in the comments.

Friday, July 6, 2012


Hi chickadees,

I just wanted to let you know why you haven't heard from me in a few days. Well, I'm tremendously busy but I also haven't been able to really test out products lately. My lips are pretty dry and not really in prime testing condition right now. Also, I've been playing around with some skincare items and samples and I've gotten some real breakouts so I need to cool it for a while. This is a significant sign for me as I do get some redness and bumps from time to time but I rarely get angry-looking whiteheads coming to the surface, let alone three on the same day. So yes, taking a little break for a while. And as I need to let them heal, it's really not a great time to do things like makeup looks or lip product swatches. I may get around to some nail polish swatches but if you don't hear from me for a while, I hope this post explains why.


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Jones New York Sale

DISCLAIMER: Now, my personal philosophy for this blog is that I don't steal stories from other sites. I don't post about a sale unless I've been contacted by the company (in which case I'll tell you that I've been asked to write a post), I came across the information on my own (I'm on a few designer mailing lists), or I feel like I have something to contribute. To me, reposting information about a sale that I got from another site would just be cheating. I found about this Jones New York sale on Racked, but I am writing from the perspective of someone who purchased items from said sale. Just wanted to get that out of the way.

The items I'm going to show you are ones I purchased. Jones New York is currently having their Semi-Annual Sale where you can get an amazing 40% off items that are already on sale. And shipping is free if you spend $50 or more. You can check out everything on offer by heading to and choosing "sale". I hate buying clothes online without trying them on but even I couldn't resist this. Unfortunately, sizing is limited depending on the style. The sale ends Wednesday July 4 at 11:59pm ET but I'd suggest heading to the website now if you're interested.

Satin Pleated Dress $119.00 $59.00 $35.40
How adorable is this dress? It reminds me of one I bought years ago but never wore before I outgrew it. I didn't stand a chance. A fitted satin dress at the same price I spend on jersey? Forget it. It's currently still available in sizes 6, 8, and 10.

Pleated Long Full Skirt $149.00 $69.00 $41.40
I need more basic, conservative well-made skirts and this strikes me as very Audrey for some reason. Currently available in sizes 8, 10, 12, and 14.

RAVE REVIEW of Lush's Ultimate Shine Shampoo Bar

Now that I have almost completely depleted my bar of Lush's Ultimate Shine Shampoo Bar, I think it's time that I write a review. If you knew me, you'd know that I find it very difficult to use a product that I know I do not like. I will half consciously/half unconsciously let a product sit in my house unused if I've tried it and found it not to my liking. If, say I have a heavily fragranced hand cream that I dislike using on my hands but could just as easily use on other dry patches of skin on my body, I will probably let it sit there until it expires instead of going through the trouble of using it. So when I deplete a shampoo bar that I only need to run over my hair once after a few months, I really like it.

At first, Ultimate Shine and I were not friends. I was extremely skeptical about the capabilities of what appeared to be a smaller than palm-sized round bar of soap that seemed to be composed of little granules. The first time I tried using it, it lathered up impressively and I loved the strong, feminine scent. It was light and creamy like white flowers and creme brulee. (Hey, I've told you I'm terrible at describing scents.) Then, I kind of freaked out. The shampoo had made my hair oddly stiff, impossible to work with, and, well, squeaky. My hair made a very distinct squeaky noise when I ran my hand over it. Panicking slightly, I washed it out with my regular Garnier shampoo and my Garnier conditioner. This restored my hair to its normal texture. I was less than thrilled with this initial experience until I noticed that when my hair dried it seemed shinier. And it was still shiny the second day after washing.

After a while, I developed a routine.
1. Head and Shoulders shampoo for dry scalp
2. Lush Ultimate Shine Shampoo bar- pass it over the hair from scalp to ends once only, lather up, and rinse out, will make hair stiff no matter what
3. Garnier shampoo
4. Garnier conditioner

Results: Soft, shiny hair with volume (my hair is normally dry, dull, and flat)

The people at my Lush kind of lie when you ask them questions and can sometimes give you a hard sell. I have fine, thin hair. I would suggest having another shampoo and a conditioner handy just in case this shampoo bar makes your hair stiff like it does with mine. Once I run out of Ultimate Shine I'm going to switch to another Lush Shampoo Bar just to try it out but I think Lush Ultimate Shine is staying in my routine after that.

Conclusion: I DEFINITELY recommend this product.