Thursday, July 16, 2015

REVIEW of Pure Ice Polish in First Time With SWATCHES

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I'd like to believe I'm attracting new readers to my blog so if you're new welcome and if you're a faithful, longtime reader thanks for coming back. My name's Cat. I kind of write about anything that takes my fancy though this blog has grown to mainly focus on sample sale reports and nail polish reviews. If you'd like to read my thoughts on anything else you'll have to internet stalk me (or just shoot me an email). Enough stalling. Let's get into the review.

Color: Pure Ice First Time is a green frost polish. The green is almost metallic but I wouldn't call the finish metallic. The shade is a cool medium green that photographs a little warmer and more yellow than it is in person. It's not quite as light as pistachio and not as dark as the green you'd pull out of a box of crayons. It's very flattering for my skin tone in particular but I think it would flatter a range of skin tones that look good with coolers shades.
Formula: The formula is not thin but it is fluid on the nail.
Application: The first coat went on smoothly. The polish flows easily over the nail but this is not a polish you want to overwork with the brush because brushstrokes are very visible. Also, going over the polish with the brush too many times will just push the polish around instead of evening it out. The second also went on smoothly, however it wasn't an even coat because the polish isn't self-leveling and I wasn't able to work with it because of the visible brushstrokes. I also noticed that it had a very strong smell. Not a perfumed scent, but a toxic polish smell. The third coat also applied easily without drag. In fact, it went on more easily than the other two coats. The polish did apply a little messily on my ring finger but I fixed it.

CONCLUSION: I would recommend this polish. Application isn't a breeze but it's good for a frost and I do think the color is flattering. Pure Ice polishes are also comparatively very affordable.

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