Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Summer Nail Polish Color - YSL Beauty La Laque in Turquoise Blue REVIEW

YSL Beauty La Laque in "Turquoise Blue"

Yes, it finally arrived and I adore it. It's a more playful color outside in direct sunlight and more of teal inside in dim lighting. I had a professional handle this...I think it took 3 coats though 2 coats are probably sufficient.

Doing my own nails I find that I hate the brush. One or two of the bristles keep sticking out and the brush is really rough making it difficult to sweep the polish on quickly. It goes on ridged unless you use lots of polish which of course can lead to bubbles and to a thickness that prevents it drying evenly, etc. etc. problems. Also, it's very difficult to remove and I find that it has stained my nails, the underside of my nails, and my fingers around the edges of the nail blue. A bit more nail polish remover and soap and water should remove it all but right now I'm a little woozy from the fumes and my nails are looking particularly dry and unhappy.

So...pretty color. Hard to apply. Stains nails. I might suggest using a different brush and maybe resorting to an acetone nail polish remover (I'm currently using non-acetone and it's taking a lot of it).

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