Wednesday, March 25, 2015

REVIEW of Butter London Nail Lacquer in Jack the Lad

Hello lasses,

I don't know why I keep buying Butter London polishes when I don't like them that much. No, scratch that. I do know. It's because of the "discounts." I got this one a year ago at for $6.99, which while not cheap, is a nice markdown from the regular retail price of $15. This is the fifth Butter London polish I've reviewed and I still fail to understand why they think they can charge $15 a bottle when more often than not, their polishes are worse than what I can find at the drugstore.

Color: Jack the Lad is a glitter polish. It has a blackened green creme/jelly base with brighter green shimmer and glitter. It looks very pretty when the light hits it in the right way but I think I have similar dark green polishes that I prefer. I don't think I have an exact dupe but if I want to wear a dark green polish, I have better options in my collection. It also looks quite flat a lot of the time when the light isn't hitting it. The light gives it depth because it brings out the glitter.
Formula: The formula is thin.
Application: The first coat applied smoothly but not evenly because the polish was so thin. Trying to add more polish or even the polish out with the brush just moves polish around on the nail. The base is very sheer in the first coat. Unlike a lot of glitter polishes, this isn't a glitter bomb in the first coat. The second coat and third coats also went on smoothly though I had to even out the third coat a bit. The polish still wasn't opaque in three coats so I reluctantly added a fourth coat of polish. I'm getting pretty damn tired of buying these expensive polishes and then having to apply four coats of polish to get a decent manicure. At four coats, it was basically opaque but not perfect.
Wear: I wore this polish for 4-5 days. I experienced tip wear on my left hand. The polish at the tips of my nails wore away completely but I could have kept wearing the polish if I'd re-wrapped the tips. On my right hand, the tip wear was worse and the polish on my thumb starting chipping on day one for some reason. The polish wasn't easy to remove but it wasn't as bad as other glitter polishes. It just took a lot of Q-tips and more pressure than I'd use for a creme.

CONCLUSION: No, I wouldn't really recommend this polish. It's fine I guess but the color isn't that special, you need to apply four coats to get anywhere near opacity and it doesn't wear particularly well. I need to stop getting sucked in by Butter London discounts.

Click the amazon link. Buy something. You know how this works. ;)

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