Sunday, March 22, 2015

REVIEW of Pure Ice Polish in Superstar! With SWATCHES

Hello superstars,

I'm sorry I've been neglecting you. I've had a busy month... leaving the house and all. Also, the external hard drive where I store all the photos for the blog before they're ready to go into reviews crashed again so that put a hold on things. Anyway, I thought we could all use a palate cleanser so to say goodbye to (hopefully) the last of the snow this winter, let's talk about Pure Ice Superstar!

Color: Superstar! is a white creme polish. There's not much more to say beyond that. I'd say it's more of a stark white. That is, it's more like white out than the softer, creamier white cremes or the white shimmer polishes I've reviewed. I don't remember Zoya Purity that clearly but it's definitely more of a stark white than Cult Nails Tempest. As always, if you'd like a comparison post, just leave a request in the comments.
Formula: This polish has a thin formula.
Application: The first coat applied without any drag. You do have to be careful about managing the pressure and angle of the brush to avoid making streaks in the polish. It was nice to see that the polish wasn't thick or gloopy at all which is always a concern for me with light-colored polishes. I wouldn't try to even out the polish to avoid pushing polish around because the formula is thin. The second coat also applied a little streaky because of the brush but the actual polish didn't cause any issues. At two coats the polish wasn't opaque but I was impressed with the opacity. While the formula is thin, it's not like working with fluid nude polish or a jelly polish. The third coat applied smoothly. At three coats the polish is opaque though it fails a light test, likely due in large part to how light the color is.

CONCLUSION: I still prefer Cult Nails Tempest which has a better application but this polish was far superior to Zoya Purity. If you want to save money trying out a white creme or you just don't want to spend as much on Tempest, Superstar! will serve you well. The results won't be as perfect and you need a steady hand but for the price, it applies amazingly well for a white creme polish. If you're crazy about white creme polish, you could get both Tempest and Superstar!

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Just for fun, here are some swatches with the snow as a backdrop.

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