Tuesday, May 19, 2015

REVIEW of Zoya Lacquer in Kristen With SWATCHES

Hello my loves,

I've missed you so much! I know you probably don't believe me because the frequency of my posts has slowed so dramatically. I have excuses! I was on vacation for a good chunk of April. I'm working. I'm recapping for a different site. I've been leaving my house. Anyway, I, I, I. How are you? Are you doing well? Would you just like me to shut up and get on with the polish review? OK. Let's see if I still remember how to do this.

Color: Zoya Kristen is a dusty blue creme polish. I'm fairly sure it's a blue polish but it can look very gray. It's definitely a subdued color but it's difficult to call a blue "mature." I guess I'd say that it feels rather demure. It's not the prettiest blue in my collection but I didn't hate it either.
Formula: This polish has a thinner formula.
Application: The formula for this polish was very smooth and fluid so I'd advise you to be careful about how much polish is on the brush before you touch it to the nail. I ended up applying the first coat much thicker than I normally do because of this. The second coat went on smoothly without drag but it didn't smooth out that well with the brush if that makes any sense. I wouldn't try and work with this one using the brush. It'll only creates ridges. At two coats the polish was almost opaque barring a few spots. I added a third coat which again, applied smoothly.

CONCLUSION: This was neither my favorite color nor my favorite formula but application is perfectly manageable and if you do love the color from the swatches, I wouldn't dissuade you from picking up Zoya Kristen in a future Zoya haul.

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