Wednesday, June 10, 2015

REVIEW of NYX Advanced Salon Formula Nail Polish in Pastel Mint

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I'm going to slip a little update in here before we get into the review. If you're curious, my external hard drive is still unresponsive so all my photos are either trapped on there or lost forever. I still don't have a new laptop which is part of the reason all of my writing efforts (if you've managed to stalk me to all the places where I post on the internet) have slowed though not stalled, because, of course, it's me. I am working on getting a new laptop and putting off fixing the external hard drive because I'm dreading hearing that it's beyond repair. I had a cold when I first got back from vacation. Then I got sick again. Oh, and my camera stopped working for a few weeks. And I've just been lazy about doing my nails since I got back. OK, enough of that. Onto the review.

Color: NYX Pastel Mint is a pastel mint creme polish. I love it when they make it easy for me. But no, really, if you want a bit more clarity, there are a lot of polishes in this same general family. This is not a sky blue. This is not a turquoise or a sea green. It's not a pistachio green. It's very clearly a mint leaning towards green.
Formula: The formula is not that thin but the polish applies like a thinner polish.
Application: The first coat went on smoothly but from the first coat I could tell that this wasn't a polish I should try to work with. Going over it with the brush will just make it streaky and push polish around. However, for a pastel, the polish applied well in the first coat, not thick or super streaky. The second coat also went on smoothly without any drag. I did see ridges because I couldn't smooth the polish out with the brush. It's also important to not apply too much pressure with the brush. The third coat went on smoothly but was thick and I again could not even out the polish. The polish wasn't gloopy but it was thicker where the brushstrokes overlapped.

CONCLUSION: I honestly don't think I'll ever find a perfect pastel mint polish but this one is respectable for the price. I wouldn't try to work with it if you're an absolute beginner at doing your own manicures but someone with a bit of experience should be able to manage. You're not going to get perfect results but for a pastel, I thought the final manicure looked good.
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You can see the imperfections in the manicure better in some photos than in others. Look at the ring finger and pinky in particular to see what I mean about the polish being thicker where the brushstrokes overlap. 

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