Saturday, December 26, 2015

REVIEW of Ricky Color Polish in Brooklyn Eiffel Tower

Hello my darlings,

I know I start most of my posts off saying this nowadays but I really have missed you. I promise that I am still testing products and I've got some things in the works. I'm still just feeling a little scattered and I really need a new goddamned laptop. But enough of that for now. I've got a quick post showing off a new glitter top coat I just tried.

Since it's not a polish review from me without some preamble, I feel like I should mention how I came across this polish. I took a few Aqua classes recently (which are really fun, you should give them a try) which took me by Ricky's which of course meant that I went into Ricky's and found a nail polish sale and could not help myself. Once an addict, always an addict. I haven't really felt like doing my nails for a couple of months which is why you haven't been getting any polish reviews. Well, I felt like my nails had gotten a break for long enough and so I put on 3 coats of OPI Peace Love & OPI and ran out the door to see The King and I. (It's fantastic. I've seen it twice. If you can get to New York to see Kelli O'Hara, Ruthie Ann Miles, Conrad Ricamora, and (currently) Hoon Lee, it's well worth it.) Anyway, apparently I'm out of practice (or I've grown very impatient) because my manicure was damaged before I even got off the subway. Musing over the problem once I got home, I decided to fix things with glitter. Either this top coat takes too long to try or I'm still far too impatient because I messed up my manicure again. I gave myself one last shot to fix things and redid two of my nails on each hand and that is the manicure you see before you in the photos below.

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In spite of my struggles, I actually quite like this Ricky Color glitter top coat in Brooklyn Eiffel Tower. I mean, it's a terrible name but the mix of light pink, blue, and purple metallic hex glitter and small pink, blue, and purple glitter is very pretty and I can see it suiting a lot of base polishes that I already own. I feel like the glitter is pretty dense (as opposed to having a bit of glitter suspended in a lot of clear top coat) so that might prove to be a problem as I get farther into the bottle. For now, while it's a little thick, I do think it spreads nicely over the nail. Just make sure you're giving it enough time to dry.

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