Tuesday, December 3, 2013

REVIEW of OPI Peace & Love & OPI With SWATCHES

Hello my little flower children,

Today I have a lovely duochrome for you from the OPI Fall 2013 San Francisco collection. I didn't see this collection in stores and I was really only interested in two of the shades so I ordered them online from amazon.

Color: Peace & Love & OPI is a duochrome shimmer polish. I would say that it spends most of its life as some combination of gray, green, and purple. I realize that doesn't sound very appealing but I think the swatches speak for themselves this time. At night it appeared to be a shimmery reddish purple or a gunmetal gray most of the time. During the day it was often a mix of green and a lighter, cooler purple. I think it looks lovely if it's in its green/purple phase and you flutter your hands when you talk. I found myself getting distracted by how nice my nails looked.
Formula: I would say that the formula was a little thicker than a normal OPI polish.
Application: Application of the first coat was very smooth though brushstrokes were apparent because of the finish of the polish. The second coat also applied smoothly though it was a little gloopy on one nail. You don't want to push the brush down too hard or the visible brushstrokes will be worse. I would not work with this polish and try and even it out with the brush as I've seen the nail technicians do when I've gone to the salon. This is not a polish you want to mess with. Just apply it and leave it. You could probably get away with two coats of polish but I'm a perfectionist so I added a third coat for full opacity.
Wear: I wrote in my notes that I wore this polish for 15 days which is possible but doesn't seem likely. Anyway, however many days I wore this polish, I experienced tip wear and growth at the cuticle/nail bed but no chipping.

CONCLUSION: I would recommend this polish if you like the color. The formula is nowhere near horrible but it's not my favorite OPI formula. I don't expect that you'll have a lot of trouble with application if you purchase this polish but if you know you already have difficulty painting your own nails, I might consider something else or having it applied at a salon.

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I am aware that there are a ton of swatches for this post. I just can't edit them down more than this. Because it's a duochrome I tried to capture every state this polish appears in.
traditional duochrome 

gunmetal/pewter gray


Oh, and this is what I meant when I said that application was gloopy for one nail.

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