Thursday, May 26, 2011

Best Sketches

I feel like I'm always blathering on about the things I do and I don't actually share most of them with you. So, here's a preview of some of my artwork. These are the best of my recent sketches.

I finished this one towards the end of the semester. I had intended to just sketch something simple to paint over in watercolor the next day but then I got into shading and that plan went out the window. It's just something copied out of a magazine. It doesn't really look like the original photo, don't be too impressed, but I like it anyway.

The pictures that are lighter in color were copied straight from my sketchbook using my scanner. The darker colored pictures are photographs of my sketchbook. This image was also copied from a magazine. I think this one was an ad while the last one was part of a story. I spent a couple of hours sketching the man in the photo and maybe less than half an hour on the woman so there's a drop in quality. I may go back and adjust her features. Neither of them look too much like the original, but again I like it. I may have to get my eyes checked since my portraits never seem to capture the people I'm trying to draw.
This is one of my favorite sketches because I did it a couple of years ago at a time when I was a bit unsure as to whether I still had any talent for this sort of thing. I was just sitting in a Barnes&Noble and I saw this cute little boy in a stroller next to me and just quickly sketched him. Well, that's a lie. I saw his hat and thought it was adorable. And it still probably took me an hour or two which is why I only copy things from magazines or do still lifes.

Hope you enjoyed that. I'll update with more if I manage another few hours of productivity.

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