Thursday, May 19, 2011

Things I Am Currently Obsessed With

I have just finished my spring semester (thank goodness) and as soon as they post my grades and I know that I've passed I'll be able to breathe easy and get on with enjoying summer until I resume school and volunteering again. Anyway, at the moment I'm sort of drifting about, trying to do some writing of short stories and articles and the like and failing miserably as my brain refuses to commit to anything after being subjected to essay after essay and exam after exam (literally, I had an 8:00 am exam followed by another exam). One of my main time wasting endeavors over the past few days has been haunting websites full of fashionable items that I cannot afford. Well, I could afford them if I didn't want to eat or have tuition for college but in the most practical, reasonable sense of the phrase, I can't afford them. So, I thought as my first post, I would share them with you so we can swoon over them together.

Twister Trench
nanette lepore "Twister Trench" $358.80

By the way, this trench coat is on sale. I don't know what world people live in where this is a sale. But then, I am a poor college student.

Dannijo "Capella" necklace $420

How gorgeous is this? Even if I had the money, I couldn't justify buying this because if I wore it it would like like I bought it at Forever21. I'm debating whether I can gather the materials to make a mock version for myself. Right now I'm thinking I need a snake chain, a lobster clasp, a button/brooch for the pearl, maybe some crystal fringe for the bottom...

Zara "Accordion Pleat Skirt" $79.90

I can't justify buying this when I know if I could find a pattern and my sewing machine and manage not to muck it up, I could make this for much cheaper. Still, I've been lusting after this sort of skirt ever since the fashion mags started touting the return of the long skirt and Americana! My styles! I'm an old soul and my inability to dress with the clean, old Hollywood flair of the 1930s-1950s (depending which actress and film you're thinking about) simply because I can't find one of these skirts for less than $40 is ridiculous. I'm hoping to either make one of the skirts or find one on sale before this trend passes me by.

YSL Beauty La Laque in "Turquoise Blue" $20

Finally, a splurge I can actually afford. I'm anxiously awaiting for this to come in the mail after reading about it on numerous fashion blogs and realizing it hadn't been released yet. It seems like such a fun summer color. I had intended to replace my OPI "I'm Not Really A Waitress" dark winter red with OPI "Do You Lilac It?" but the lilac purple seemed like such a tame, dull color to wear into my exams. Did I mention the first one was at 8:00 am? I'm lucky I only had one moment of exhausted delirium during the second one.

nanette lepore "Latin Lover Mini Dress" $348

I got this picture from the Saks Fifth Avenue website. I'm telling you that because you can see the model in this picture walking down a short runway in this dress. Do they do that with every outfit? If so, that's brilliant. It definitely increased my desire for the dress, though thankfully my budget held me back. That's a good thing since my critical, objective eye tells me it wouldn't look good on me even if it weren't a bad decision to buy clothes online without trying them on. Ah...but it looks so pretty. As I noted, I'm a throwback when it comes to fashion. I like the history, the drama, the romanticism. I stop short of dressing in costume but you know I would if I spent more time uptown where I imagine everyone dresses like they're strutting down a McQueen runway. I kid. I kid.

Are you drooling yet? My other current obsession is dreaming up ways of getting tickets to the American Ballet Theatre's performances of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty this season. I was raised on the Disney Renaissance so I'm a sucker for fairytales...and the costumes...and the music...and the dancing. I wish they wouldn't prohibit taking pictures. I have to make due with screengrabs of youtube videos for my sketches. Someone needs to tear me away from the computer so I can finish the book I need to review...or start reading Jane Eyre (just for me). I'll talk to you soon. :)

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