Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Things I Am Currently Obsessed With

Image of Fan Coral Brooch
Georgia Varidakis "Fan Coral Brooch" $160 (available on georgiavaridakis.com)

Varro Pave Knife Earrings in Rhodium $60 (available on noirjewelry.com)

Ruby Red Garnet Natalie Portman Oscar Inspired tassel earrings $325 (available ElleBernard on etsy.com)

White Seed Pearl Tassel Earrings

White Seed Pearl Tassel Earrings $650 (available Bjewelledcz on etsy.com)

Beetle Earrings
Beetle Earrings $20 (available on ericaweiner.com)
SUPER UNDERWHELMING viewed in person. :(
Beetle Earrings
Beetle Earring $13.50 (ragtrader on etsy.com)

scarab beetle earrings
scarab beetle earrings $13 (accidentalcharm on etsy.com)

Silver Egyptian Scarab Earrings
Silver Egyptian Scarab Earrings $16 (ragtrader on etsy.com)

Vermeil Coral Branch Necklace
Vermeil Coral Branch Necklace $28 (StarfishAndTheSea on etsy.com)

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