Friday, July 15, 2011

Jewelry Collection

Hello, blog. I know I've been neglecting you lately...being elsewhere on the internets... :)

Since I'm not feeling particularly inspired today, I thought I'd just share part of my jewelry collection with you. This is the majority of my earrings and rings without any of the lone pairs (chemistry joke?) or broken pieces.

First up...brooches. The leftmost one is a tiny rose but I couldn't get it to stand up at the right angle. It was only $1 at AuH20 (i.e. one of the best vintage stores ever) though I haven't figured out how to wear it on anything but a blazer without the back scratching my skin. In the top left hand corner is a tiny gold cross (came in the mail with something) and in the black box is a gold torch (NYU symbol...cost...ridiculously high tuition and the stress of Organic Chemistry). Beside them in the blue box is my pin for my high school Concert Choir. Below that is a fake pearl/diamond pin I bought in the Thailand at a Naraya (where I also picked up a ton of handbags that I don't use because where am I going to bring silk handbags?). And finally there's the pin I just picked up at AuH20 for $3. It's hard to make out because my camera is terrible...and temperamental but it's a window with a cat sitting on the ledge staring up at a mouse in the top righthand corner. There are also roses in the top left and bottom right. Here's another close up.
I think it got worse.

OK...moving on to the rings.

I have them lined up from most to least expensive though I have no idea what they each cost. The one on the left is real. It's a dark dark blue sapphire flanked by two tiny diamonds that I got in Thailand as a graduation gift. Beside that is a gold ring I picked up in Hong Kong. It's hard to see but the stone is very reflective and is a mix of blues and greens. Next is a silver flower ring I was given as a gift and a gold/pearl ring I was also given as a gift.

Lastly, (before we get to close-ups) there is a interwoven puzzle ring I got for around $60 in Turkey, a gold/pearl ring I picked up in a market in the Philippines for maybe $10-$20 and a pink rock ring I got as a gift.

OK...time for earrings.
I had the long diamond strand made for around $100. I think it might be cubic...all I remember is it's semi-expensive. I have another made of real diamonds stored at the bank. Then there are some diamond studs I got as a gift but they are 100% fake. :) The gold brand with the black teardrop pair were bought on Broadway from a street vendor for $10.

In the top lefthand corner, the square diamond earrings were given to me as a gift. I don't wear them too often because they're kind of heavy. I think they came from Macy's. The hearts with the tiny diamonds were also a gift. I'd guess they cost around $5. The pink cameos are from a store on the Lower East Side that may or may not have closed. I got them for either $18 or $20, a little bit less than the price on the sticker. As long as you're not in a department store, never be afraid to bargain. The purple pearls topped with a gold bow came from the same market in the Philippines where I got the ring. They were also very cheap. The white pearl and gold flower earrings were bought at The Market NYC (you know, the thing in the gym of the church in Nolita?) for $20. They are one of my favorite pairs. They go with pretty much everything.

The red beads are a new addition from AuH20 again for $3. Have I mentioned how much I love that place? I've been looking for a good pair of tassels but these come close to replicating what I like about that style and the price was definitely right. Beside them, the turquoise orbs are from Wendy Mink, bought with a Groupon for $35. At the very beginning I wasn't sure whether I liked them and spent a long time agonizing over the decision in the store but now I adore them. They're another one of my go-to pairs for a pop of color and something fun and a bit quirky. That's definitely my advice with jewelry, particularly earrings. Try to get a lot of variety, things that can go with many different outfits, and things that are really special and unique, especially when you're shelling out more than usual.
We're not done yet? I know...I have a lot of earrings. The pearls at the top lefthand corner were bought at one of those tacky, sparkly stores in Chinatown for $8. I talked him down from $10.The Tree of Life earrings below that were bought at the Union Square holiday market for $25 from Cherry Rose designs. Again, I agonized, and now I adore. These 100% go with every outfit and they're so lightweight, I forget I'm even wearing them. Below that, I have my sun earrings with their little faces, which I just picked up in Spain for around 10 euros. To the right, are my chain my earrings from Forever 21. I can't wear them too often anymore because they weight a ton but I still love them. They have this really pretty filigree and make me think of Gothic architecture.

This curved pair to the left came from Turkey. I think I bought it for something ridiculous like $1-$3.

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