Saturday, July 16, 2011

REVIEW of Essie's Sweet Talker with Swatches

So I haven't had much luck applying a nail polish that I love to my fingernails recently (see last 2 reviews) so I've been really hesitant about applying a new color. Thus I've been wandering around with bare nails, which is fine during the winter but a little bit depressing during the summer when everyone is wandering around with such pretty manicures. Now, I've been staring at all the Essie polishes I've bought recently (Geranium, Turquoise & Caicos, and Lapis of Luxury) and none of them seemed quite right. What I'm really looking for at the moment is something light and pretty that will cheer me up if I glance at it but not be too much of a distraction. Just the other day, I wandered into a Duane Reade and I picked up the shade I currently have on my nails, Essie's Sweet Talker.

This is a really blurry picture but I wanted you to get some idea of the shimmer.

Color: Now, this started out as a last resort because I haven't been able to find Essie's Borrowed and Blue and I'm not sure if I want to order O.P.I's What's With the Cattitude, but I LOVE this polish. It's a gorgeous light blue with a hint of shimmer that I think actually suits my nails and skin tone. I don't know if it's the Asianness or just my personal taste but pastels don't really work for me. The hint of shimmer in Sweet Talker lets me get that light color with something to ease the paleness of the color. The shimmer is sort of a blue/blue-green and it is just so pretty. I can't get over it. It reminds me of the way sunlight will reflect off the surface of the ocean and sparkle.

I can't get very good close-ups with my camera, so I'm just going to show you some shots of my hand (the color is actually pretty true-to-life) and then some pictures of me holding the bottle so you can see how close the color on your nails matches the color in the bottle...pretty close...except the shimmer looks even prettier on your nails and it's maybe a touch lighter, though if you were to open up the bottle it would be the exact same color as the paint.
I found the application pretty easy. The formula is pretty watery. I was definitely missing my darker O.P.I shades like "I'm Not Really a Waitress" but after the first coat it applied smooth and opaque. I did have some issues but only because I was a bit of a spaz today and either stabbed my recently painted nail with the Q-tip I was using to clean up the edges or let one fingernail touch my skin while I was painting another. XD I think it only needs 2-3 coats. 2 coats to go on opaque. 3 coats to clean up any problem spots.

I am so happy to finally have found a color and polish I can recommend to you. If you can't find one of the popular light blues at your local drugstore and you don't want to order them, if you're OK with a pretty hint of shimmer, then run out and get Essie's Sweet Talker.

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