Friday, June 28, 2013

REVIEW of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in 419 Hidden Treasure With SWATCHES

Hello my little baubles, bangles, and beads,

Today I'll be reviewing Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in 419 Hidden Treasure. I don't know if anyone will ever read this because for some reason Sally Hansen couldn't think of other polish names and used this one twice. So if you're looking for a review of the other Hidden Treasure polish from Sally Hansen, this isn't it. I originally purchased this polish because it was on clearance and heavily discounted and also because popsugartvbella on youtube (which is admittedly a dubious source) told me that pearlescent, opalescent, and frosted polishes were a trend for spring.

Color: Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure is a white-based polish with a pink undertone. It's difficult to really classify. You could call it a frost but some people might think it isn't frosty enough to qualify as one. You could call it a pearlescent shimmer but it has a slightly rougher look to it and isn't as sophisticated as what I would classify as a shimmer. One thing is certain: It's certainly not a creme polish. There's a hint of sparkle that catches the light. It's not microglitter but something else. The sparkle has pink and green undertones. I think the polish is pretty enough but it's not going to be for everyone as it can look a bit cheap.
Formula: The formula was unremarkable. Not really thick or thin, though the brush made it a little difficult to tell.
Application: I applied three coats to get the look I wanted. With this polish, I don't think you should try and get full opacity. At three coats this polish isn't fully opaque but I think it's how this kind of color should look. The brush is wide and rough cut with the bristles cut at different lengths but surprisingly I didn't have too many issues with it. It doesn't look spectacular and there was a bit of bubbling but it certainly wasn't as bad as polishes I've reviewed in the past.

CONCLUSION: Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure is a perfectly fine polish if you like this look but it can look a little cheap and I did have issues with bubbling. I would recommend this polish if you like the swatches.

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