Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sephora Extra20 Sale Haul

Hello my dears,

I am very late with this post but I've been distracted. I spent the holidays baking. I went to see the last matinee of Side Show. I have a new recapping assignment on TrashTalkTV. Most of the rest of my time is spent working and when I do have free time I'm usually dreaming up new projects that I will start and never finish. Oh, and of course my Lenovo adapter malfunctioned and almost electrocuted me on December 20 and I haven't been able to use my laptop since then. Anyway, enough excuses, let's get into the haul.

At the end of December, Sephora had an offer where all of their sale items were an extra 20% off with a discount code. I took the opportunity to try out the L'Occitane Almond Supple Skin Ritual Set which consists of a dry skin oil and an exfoliating soap.

This was the expensive item that convinced me to make this purchase. You know I have to qualify for that free shipping to place an order. I've heard a lot about L'Occitane's almond shower oil, as I'm sure you all have, but not as much about this supple skin oil. I tried the shower oil on the back of my hand in the store, and I think the supple skin oil is definitely thicker and doesn't spread as easily over the skin. I've been trying it fairly consistently so we'll see how it gets me through the winter. The scent is a lot like baby oil with something extra. I'll let you know if it's worth spending this much on.
The other item that really caught my eye online was the Urban Decay Pulp Fiction palette. I'm not a big fan of the movie. Actually, I've never seen it. I know. I'm a terrible person. But I've heard good things about this palette. I just wasn't willing to buy it at full price or at any of the other discounted prices I've seen it selling for since it was released. It's not a bad palette but the colors are pretty standard so I could only justify the expense at this price.

I recently swatched all my brown shadows to get a better feel for my eyeshadow collection and I didn't come across any dupes so I'm pretty happy with this purchase. We'll see if I can incorporate these shadows into any good looks.
My last big item was this Stila Merry and Bright Makeup Set. There was a Stila pop up in the city over the holidays and I think they might have been selling this there. Regardless, there was only one thing that interested me in this set and that is the Stila Convertible Color Blush in Tulip. I don't use cream blushes that often but Stila makes my favorite cream blushes. Also, I swatched Tulip and it's not a match for Stila Poppy. I haven't tried it on my cheeks yet but I'm not touching anything else in the set until I decide whether or not I like it. This one might go back to the store. I mean, it's a good deal at $20 since a regular Convertible Color Blush is already $25 but if I don't like the blush I don't have much use for the rest of the set. 

Lastly, I decided to take the opportunity to pick up a couple of Sephora Collection Color Hit Nail Polishes since they were only a dollar each. It's a good excuse to purchase colors I don't want to spend too much on either because they're such staples (pinks and reds) or because I don't have much luck finding ones I like (purples). I ended up choosing Speed Dating, Hot in Here, Voodoo Doll, and Psychedelic.
I hope you enjoyed seeing this haul. Let me know in the comments if you picked up anything from during the Extra20 sale or if you made any other fun purchases in the post holiday sales. I hope you all had a happy and safe holiday season no matter how you spent it. 

Much love, Cat

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