Thursday, January 8, 2015

REVIEW of Sephora by OPI Top Coat in Only Gold For Me

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This isn't really a review as there's not much to review with top coats but I wanted to share my recent manicure with you. I wanted to do something special since I was attending the final matinee of Side Show and I kind of missed the boat on doing a flashy New Year's Eve look. So in honor of Side Show and my inclination towards something sparkly I painted by nails with three coats of Sally Hansen Red Zin and topped it with two coats of Sephora by OPI in Only Gold For Me. I haven't the slightest clue when or where I picked up this polish. I don't have any record of getting it from Sephora but I also didn't get it in California when I discovered some Sephora by OPI polishes at Big Lots.

You can find my original review of Red Zin here. Application was still easy though I found the polish very sheer. Even at three coats it wasn't opaque. I'm not sure if this is something that happened with time or if it's always been this sheer. Anyway, it didn't matter much as a good glitter top coat can hide a multitude of sins.

Only Gold for Me is a glitter top coat suspended in a clear base. It contains gold glitter particles and gold hex glitter. To my eye, the hex glitter is slightly smaller than regular hex glitter, giving this top coat a more refined look. It made me think of champagne bubbles dancing around in a glass. The gold glitter is a cooler-toned gold but it doesn't go so far as to appear silver. The top coat went on very smoothly but it was hard to get the glitter placement exact. This is one of those polishes with a lot of base liquid so you have to struggle to balance getting too much of the polish base on the brush with still picking up glitter.

CONCLUSION: If you can still get a hold of it, I would recommend Only Gold For Me. It's not going to amaze you as far as gold glitter top coats go but it's a nice one to have in your collection. It goes on smoothly and the glitter is small enough to not be overwhelming but large enough to have an impact.

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