Saturday, February 28, 2015

REVIEW of Pure Ice Polish in Gossip! With SWATCHES

Hello peanuts,
I think bright pink polishes exist to torment me. They never want to photograph properly. Something about the color makes my camera crazy. I would normally just stick to the bright pinks I already own but you know I can't resist a cheap polish or a good deal and I was able to get this with a bunch of other polishes at a discount during the last San Gennaro festival. And yes, my residual Gossip Girl fandom probably pushed me over the edge into picking this polish in particular.

Color: Gossip! is a bright pink creme polish. Gosh, it's nice to just type "creme" again. It's so much easier than working out any of the other finishes. The color of this polish is a little trickier to pin down. I've seen "fuchsia" and "magenta" and "orchid" slapped on so many products of different shades that at this point they're meaningless to me. Gossip! is a bright pink that doesn't smack you in the face like a neon pink but isn't dark enough to be a jewel tone. It's your average bright pink. It's a little blue-toned but really it's just the pink you grab when you're not looking for something terribly specific.
Formula: The formula isn't notably thin or thick.
Application: The first coat of this polish went on smoothly. It wasn't perfect and self-leveling but it was very fluid with no drag on the brush. I did have to even out the polish a little. With the second coat I had to even it out more with the brush but it still wasn't causing me major problems. However, the polish wasn't covering the nail evenly. The third coat went on smoothly but there was no way to completely fix the manicure after the first two coats. The polish was opaque at three coats with slight patchiness.
Wear: I started getting tip wear very early with this polish. I wore this polish for longer than I should have because I just couldn't find the time to switch out the polish and the tip wear was very bad by the time I removed it.

CONCLUSION: This is one of those cases where you get what you pay for. The color of the polish is fine but it wears very poorly, chipping easily and application isn't great. I wouldn't recommend it.


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