Tuesday, April 23, 2013

REVIEW of OPI Color So Hot It Berns With SWATCHES

Hello poppy seeds!
Let's just get this one out of the way, shall we? I don't know why I bother trying to photograph anything red. Red polishes. Red lipsticks. The photos are rarely ever color accurate, especially if it's a bright red.

Color: OPI Color So Hot It Berns is a bright red creme polish. It's far from as bright as it photographs though. You will see a lot of swatches where this polish looks orange. This polish is not orange. It's not even red-orange. It's really just a touch brighter than a standard red. I tried comparing it with my lipsticks and if it helps it is darker than Covergirl Hot Passion and L'Oreal British Red but brighter than Kate Moss Rimmel Lipstick and Maybelline Red Revival.
Formula: The formula is very liquidy like other OPI polishes tend to be but it isn't sheer or so thin that it becomes unmanageable and flows into your cuticles.
Application: I needed three coats to get this polish opaque. Application was relatively smooth but the brush dragged streaks through the polish. It's one of those brushes where you have to be really careful about putting enough polish on the brush and positioning the brush at the right angle so it doesn't cause any streaks to form. I used a thin first coat and a thicker second and third coat once I recognized the issue.

CONCLUSION: I had an easier time with the formula and application of Essie's Jelly Apple so if you're looking for a nice standard red, I'd probably suggest that polish instead though I don't know if they're dupes. Regardless, I think you should be able to find a dupe for OPI Color So Hot It Berns with a better formula and easier application. While Color So Hot It Berns isn't impossible to work with, for the price with such a dupeable color, you're better off looking for something that applies more easily.

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Next to the picture at the top of the post, this is the most color-accurate swatch I managed. This is OPI Color So Hot It Berns next to my tube of Maybelline Gloss in Gleaming Grenadine. Neither red photographed correctly but I found the putting them next to each other made the polish look darker.

Why is it photographing so orange? I have no idea.

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