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REVIEW of Maybelline Color Show Sequins Polish in 815 Gold's Night Out

Hello divas,

Today I performed "Let Me Be Your Star" from the NBC show Smash for a showcase. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to finally try out the bottle of Maybelline's Color Show Sequins Polish in 815 Gold's Night Out I purchased a few months back from Rite Aid. This was a limited edition polish but don't fret if you can no longer find it in stores. It seems like there are a lot of similar gold polishes/gold glitter top coats in all price ranges. And since I wanted to go all out with a more theatrical look, I decided to also try out the glue basecoat technique to see if it would make glitter polish removal easier. Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while may know just how much I hate removing glitter polishes. The foil method doesn't do a damn thing for me.

Color: Gold's Night Out is a mixture of gold small hex glitter, regular gold glitter, and tiny specks of gritty gold glitter. All together, built up to opacity they give your nails a gritty, gold encrusted look like a miniature pirate's treasure. This polish definitely sparkles in the light. The small hex glitter can reflect the light so you see bits of red, blue, or green in addition to all the gold. Of course, it depends on the lighting and it only happens to a few pieces of glitter. This is definitely a polish that demands your attention. It's difficult to resist the temptation to constantly look down at your nails. So, no, it's not really work appropriate.

Formula: This is tricky as I think the polish itself is pretty smooth. The base is smooth and because the pieces of glitter are so small they don't hinder application but I did find that the glitter would clump up on the brush a bit.

Using Elmer's Glue as base coat... 
OK, now I'll say a bit about the glue as base coat technique. I picked up a regular bottle of Elmer's glue for around $5 at Staples. People who don't live in NY, don't laugh at me. You definitely need a brush to spread it on the nails. I know some beauty bloggers suggest using an old bottle of nail polish but my old clear basecoats were already too thick for the brushes to be of much use. So instead I grabbed an old paintbrush I happened to have lying around. I wouldn't recommend using an expensive brush until you know that the glue won't damage your brush. I plan to go to Pearl Paint and ask for recommendations on brushes that are safe to use with craft glue. I put a bit of the glue on a clean, flat surface and then just painted it on my nails the way I would use a base coat. I didn't dilute the glue at all. I used a pretty thick layer of glue for my first try to make sure the polish would remove easily. It's pretty easy to tell when the polish is try as it turns clear. Try not to make your layers too thick though because it's possible that the surface of the glue will dry while the lower layers stay a bit wet.
Gold's Night Out...
I used three coats of this polish for full opacity though of course there were still a few tiny patches with less glitter. Glitter placement is always random. You're never going to get the kind of coverage you would with a creme polish unless you're using fine grit glitter or a foil. You might want to put on a base of gold polish to avoid any gaps if that sort of thing really annoys you. I found it a little difficult to get the brush up to the sides of my nails without getting the glitter stuck to my skin instead of the nail so I just left a bit of a gap.

I topped my manicure with 2 coats of Seche Vite to be safe.

Wear: I put this polish on the night before my performance and I wore it until about 5:30pm on the day of my performance. It held up fine during my morning shower and during repeated handwashing. However, at 3pm I noticed that I had somehow lost the polish on the thumb nail and index finger nail of my right hand. I wasn't really doing a lot during the day. I was in class typing a bit and writing a bit and I did my makeup for my performance but I think the polish came off sometime after I had lunch. It's possible the heat or steam from my soup or tea loosened up the glue or I just happened to rub my nail roughly on something and the polish just came off. After my performance, I removed the rest of the glitter as this really isn't a practical manicure and I didn't feel like redoing the nails that had come off. The glitter came off just as easily as everyone claimed it would. I just applied a bit of pressure with a nail and the polish popped right off. No scratching or peeling necessary. The only nail where the polish didn't come off in one piece was the thumbnail of my left hand. Maybe I didn't apply the glue as evenly. My nails look fine. The glue and glitter doesn't seem to have harmed my nails at all.

CONCLUSION: I think Gold's Night Out is a very pretty polish. You might be disappointed if you want completely opaque coverage but I thought it was a great flashy, theatrical manicure. I'm a little disappointed that I lost the polish on two fingers using the glue technique in less than a day but I think I'll keep experimenting with it and try and figure out how to make it last longer because removal is seriously so much easier this way.

Outdoor lighting
Indoor lighting
Outdoor lighting
Outdoor lighting 
This is what the polish looks like when it has been peeled off.

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