Wednesday, April 3, 2013

REVIEW of Inglot Nail Enamel in 306 With SWATCHES

Hello my little fireflies,

Yes, the time has finally come. I am finally reviewing my first Inglot polish for you. Get excited. This is the same polish I first introduced to you in my Coral Nail Polish Comparison post.

Cost Comparison: 
Essie polishes are usually $8 for 13.5 mL or 0.46 fl oz.
OPI polishes range from $8-$9 for 15 mL or 0.5 fl oz.
Inglot polishes are $10 (both online and in store) for 15 mL or 0.51 fl oz.

Color: Inglot 306 is an warm-toned orange/coral polish. The finish is somewhere between a shimmer and a frost. Personally, I would feel more comfortable calling it a shimmer polish. I have a love/hate relationship with this color because it looks so different depending on the lighting. Sometimes it appears to be an orangey mango and sometimes it seems like a coral/guava. Sometimes it looks pretty and demure and sometimes it seems a bit too neon and garish. I think this would be a great color for someone with a tan who wants to show it off. It seems like it would be very flattering on darker skintones.
Formula: The formula is watery and thin.
Application: Application is smooth but the polish is so fluid, application isn't as even as I would have liked. It isn't patchy because the polish drags over the nail but because the polish flows in a way that makes it difficult to get even coats. I would guess this is one of the lower viscosity polishes I've tried. At three coats, the polish was pretty much opaque though I did notice a few tiny bald patches due to the uneven application.

CONCLUSION: As the application was smooth and it's difficult to find an orange polish with such a smooth application, I think I would consider repurchasing this polish. But for the price, I think the patchy application leaves a little to be desired and I don't unequivocally love the color. I wouldn't exactly recommend this polish but if you love the color I wouldn't dissuade you from getting it.

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