Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Elie Tahari Sample Sale Report April 2014

Hello buttercups,

Oh my God, I'm so tired. You'll see why in a few hours when I finish writing and posting three sample sale reports. That's right. I don't what possessed me to try and cover three sample sales in one day in my new-ish high-heeled boots but I don't recommend it. Thankfully, the Elie Tahari sale was worth the trip.

First, let's start with the basics. The sale started yesterday, April 8, and will run until Saturday April 12. From Tuesday through Friday sale hours are 8:30 am to 7:30 pm and on Saturday the sale opens later at 10:00 am and closes earlier at 6:00 pm. The sale is once again being held on the second floor of 501 5th Avenue between 41st and 42nd St.

I don't know what changed from the last time I covered the Elie Tahari sale at this location but this time all the staff was super friendly. There is a coat and bag check as always. I got away with my small handbag (about 7x10) so I would guess that you could get away with a bag that size or a small baguette or wallet. Just to be on the safe side though, I'd come prepared to have to check your bag.

The cashier is to the immediate right of the coat check and the dressing rooms are on the far side of the room to the right of the cashier. This time they are accepting both cash and credit. The sale was pretty busy when I stopped by and there was a short wait for the dressing rooms. There didn't seem to be a limit on the number of items you could bring in to try on.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's talk merchandise, sizes, and prices. I'm not going to lie. Things are a little chaotic at this sale. Everything is sort of jumbled together. I was told that if there was a black tag on an item, you should check the size and if there was a white tag, it was one size fits all. I would just sort of eye it and try on anything you like to see what actually fits. Compared to the fall sale, the items at this sale were flashier. They struck me as a little more Nanette Lepore than Elie Tahari. The sale seemed to be dominated by colorful spring and summer pieces though there were some darker (mainly navy and black), heavier items in all of the sections including a few racks of leather apparel. Among the leather items I saw a fair number of jackets and skirts and one pair of pants. I would describe the majority of the apparel as things you would wear to a wedding or a garden party. There were some heavier fall gowns and some jackets and dresses that could pass for business casual but generally you're going to more luck if you're looking for brightly colored cocktail party dresses. Shoes and handbags are located on the upper level to the right. Personally, I didn't find anything I liked here but as I was leaving they announced a flash discount where all shoes were $20 so it's at least worth a look. The men's section is relegated to the opposite side of the upper level. It's only a few racks of clothes so it's not really worth the trip is you have to go far out of your way.

I was told that they would be restocking the sale tomorrow night but that they would simply be replenishing the same inventory that's already out on the floor. I hope this report helps you decide whether or not this sale is worth your time.

Happy shopping!

Leather skirts (and one pair of pants)
You can see the men's section all the way at the back.
These are some of the shirts located in the men's section.
There were more conservative styles on the other racks but they were blocked by shoppers so I didn't get photos.
The shoe section was surprisingly large for this sale.

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