Thursday, April 10, 2014

REVIEW of Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer in 315 Frozen Over With SWATCHES

Hello snow angels,

It is time for my review of Maybelline Frozen Over. Look at this polish. It looks like Sinful Colors Cinderella and it reminds me of my favorite of the newest Disney animated princess films, Frozen. Of course I was going to pick it up at Target. Do I regret that decision? Maybe a little. Let's get into it.

Color: Maybelline Frozen Over is a pale blue flakie polish. I would describe it as having a sky blue creme polish base with what appear to be silvery or iridescent translucent flakes. Depending on the lighting, the flakes can appear flatter and more like a pale blue, or shimmery with flashes of pink. I get the same sense that I did with polishes like Zoya Skylar, Sinful Colors Cinderella, and Sinful Colors Sweet Dreams that the flakie finish gives this polish a greasy look. However, as I wore this polish, it did win me over a little more. I think it can look a little garish and cheap in the wrong lighting but in the right lighting it can look very pretty and frosty and Frozen-inspired. Thus, it ended up being one of those polishes that I liked at some points and disliked at others.
Formula: This polish has a thicker formula.
Application: Application of the first coat went smoothly without any drag but coverage was fairly sheer and not even. With the second coat, application was still uneven and I had to work to even out the polish with the brush. It wasn't that the polish was gloopy or that the brush dragged but the polish was just thick and resisted my attempts to even it. The third coat again went on smoothly without any drag but the polish didn't end up being opaque or even. I didn't feel like bothering with a fourth coat, so I just left it at that. When I was painting with my nondominant hand, I had the same issues but of course they were a little worse because I have less control with that hand.
Wear: I wore this polish for five days. It wore pretty well without much damage or dulling but it was somewhat annoying to remove. The polish came off relatively easily for anything other than a light-colored creme polish but the shimmer lingered on my skin and nails even after a good deal of scrubbing with a nail polish-remover soaked Q-tip.
Dupe: I have heard that this polish is a dupe for Sinful Colors Cinderella and they do seem very similar. I will have to do a comparison. Until I do, I will cautiously say that I think the application of Frozen Over went a little more smoothly than that of Cinderella so if I had to pick one of the two polishes, I would pick Frozen Over. I used four coats of Cinderella when I did that review and I think it's possible that Frozen Over might be the more opaque of the two. If you want me to put a rush on the comparison post, tell me so in the comments.

CONCLUSION: It's difficult to recommend this polish because of the application. I think it is manageable and the final product ends up looking alright, if still somewhat sheer and patchy. However, if you've seen swatches of this polish and you know you want it, then nothing I say is going to stop you. So in that case, I would say I think I prefer the Maybelline version to Sinful Colors version but if you ask me to in the comments, I will do a comparison of both polishes as well as trying to layer them over one of the light blue polishes in my collection to see if they perform better as top coats.

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The pink shimmer is most apparent in this photo.

If you can tell from the photo, this polish isn't quite as blue as it appears in the bottle.


  1. Comparison post, please. I liked the colour of SC Cinderella but it was a real bugger to apply because it was so sheer. I wonder which one dries faster, this or the SC? Also Maybelline is more expensive than SC (at least it is here), so with that in mind would you still recommend this over Cinderella?

    1. Damn it for being so pretty. I don't need more polishes. ;) It's been a while since I applied the Sinful Colors polish but for now I'd say that even though it costs a few dollars more, I would still recommend Frozen Over instead of Cinderella. But check back with me after the comparison post because I might change my mind.

    2. Will do! Also *shakes fist at all the pretty polishes out there* I agree. My poor racks are bursting at the seams and yet the pretties just keep calling to me.