Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mint/Seafoam Green Polish Comparison: Orly, Maybelline, Essie, Nicole by OPI, Wet n' Wild

Hi chickadees,

I thought I'd do a quick polish comparison for you today as they seem pretty popular based on the number of hits they get. Was that a not so subtle passive aggressive hint that I'd like you to leave more comments so I don't have to infer these things from page views? Maybe. I may be picking up the wrong things from Community. Anyway, I have a couple of polish comparisons planned but this seemed like a nice color to focus on right before the start of spring. This was intended to be a mint green polish comparison but in swatching these polishes again I've found that some of them lean more blue or more sea foam green.

I've already reviewed all these polishes on this blog. I've linked to the reviews to make it easier. Just click on the name of the polish and it will take you to the review.
Thumb- Orly Gumdrop
Pointer- Maybelline 320 Green With Envy
Middle- Essie Mint Candy Apple
Ring- Nicole by OPI Alex by the Books
Pinky- Wet n' Wild I Need a Refresh-mint

Formula/Application: Using these polishes again, I had many of the same opinions. I was still annoyed by the wide, streaky brush on the Wet n' Wild polish which made smooth, even application difficult. The Nicole by OPI polish was noticeably less opaque than the others. These two polishes had the worst formulas and application experiences. The Orly polish was easier to apply but it was still not as good as the application of the Essie and Maybelline polishes. Though, I would still say all of the polishes had their issues and were nowhere near the standard of perfect creme polishes. Based on the formula and application, I'd recommend going with Essie Mint Candy Apple or Maybelline Green With Envy.

Color: Orly Gumdrop and Wet n' Wild I Need a Refresh-mint are the darkest of the five polishes. Gumdrop is a deeper marine green that pulls more green than blue. I Need a Refresh-mint is an aqua that pulls more blue than green. The three lighter shades are closer matches for each other. However, no two are dupes. Maybelline Green with Envy and Nicole by OPI Alex by the Books are greens while Essie Mint Candy Apple is a light blue polish. Green with Envy is a lighter pastel green while Alex by the Books is more of a light seafoam. Alex by the Books is darker than Green with Envy but still considerably lighter than Gumdrop or I Need a Refresh-mint.

CONCLUSION: There are no exact dupes here. If you are a crazy polish addict, you could decide to own all of these polishes. But personally, I would just choose which one you really want. I'd recommend the Essie or Maybelline of this group as they have the best application. These kinds of colors tend to be popular so I'm sure you could find dupes of the others with better formulas.

It was very difficult to photograph Orly Gumdrop properly with the other polishes which is why it looks so different form photo to photo.

Left: Maybelline Green With Envy 
Right: Nicole by OPI Alex by the Books
Left: Maybelline Green With Envy 
Right: Nicole by OPI Alex by the Books
Left: Maybelline Green With Envy 
Right: Nicole by OPI Alex by the Books


  1. *is afraid not to leave a comment after the 'hint'* <- Joking! Thank you for this comparison post. I absolutely love comparison posts :)

    1. This made me laugh. I will be sure to keep the comparison posts coming, then. :)