Thursday, July 31, 2014

Botkier Sample Sale Report July 2014

Hi bumblebees,
This is how much I love you. On the very day I am going to get on a plane to go on vacation I ran over to the one day Botkier sample sale to cover it for you. That's right. It's a one day sale running from 10:00 am through 7:00 pm so if you're interested you better get on over there.

The sale is being held at 525 Broadway on the 5th floor. There was no coat or bag check and things were very quiet when I stopped by. I think only one other person was browsing as the others seemed to be friends of the people running the sale.

Happily, prices actually start at $20, not $50 as advertised. A number of the $20 items show signs of wear including scuff marks but nothing is horribly damaged. Pricing generally reflects size with smaller purses priced at $20, medium bags at $50 and larger bags at $75 and $100. Of course, there are some exceptions. For example, there was a smaller bag with an elephant clasp priced at $50.
Most of the $20 bags are in this section. Sizing varies as you can see and from the condition of the bags, I'd guess that some of the larger bags in this section are placed here because they are slightly worn or out of fashion. Again, nothing too terrible and you might find something you like.
There were some more $20 bags in this section but after the first large display you start to move into the $50 bags. I would say there were fewer scuff marks in this section and you could totally find a nice $50 bag at this sale. 
These $20 wristlet wallets with various words printed on them might make for a cute gift.
More $50 bags
At the far end of the wall near the mirrors you'll find most of the $75-$100 items. I didn't spot anything more than $100 but I didn't check all the tags. Generally you'll find the large and oversized bags in this section. I spotted a wide range of styles from totes to more structured bags.

Here's an example of a $100 structured bag. It also came in black.
These purses are priced at $75.
This chatreuse/lime green bag was $50.
Sorry for the low quality. I was in stealth mode as last time I attended a sale here they didn't want me taking photos.


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