Thursday, July 31, 2014

REVIEW of Sheswai Lacquer in Babe With SWATCHES

Hello kittens,

New brand! Yes, it's one of those very special days when I'm not reviewing a polish from Essie, OPI, or Zoya. Instead I've got a polish from Sheswai. What? I hadn't heard of it either outside of a couple of mentions on blogs or in magazines but it's sold at Ricky's. I don't know if it's widely available but a cursory look at their website reveals that Sheswai Lacquer is sold at various locations in the United States. I had no intention of every purchasing a bottle of this polish at $16 for 0.5 oz/15 ml. But as there always is, there was a sale and I couldn't help myself. My bottle of Sheswai Lacquer from Ricky's only cost me $2.99.

If you've never tried Sheswai Lacquer, they claim to be free of formaldehyde, dbp, and toluene. The color selection is a little limited and there's nothing too remarkable or unique in the color range that's available. The handle for the brush is longer than that of other brands. It's about on par with the length of the brush handle for an OPI polish or a bottle of Orly Bonder. I find that it fits comfortably in my hands and doesn't cause any issues with application. The width of the brush is fairly normal. It's not even as wide as an OPI brush, let alone a Sally Hansen or Wet n' Wild brush. I found the bristles to be soft and flexible.

Color: Sheswai Babe is a bright pink creme polish. In my experience, outdoors regardless of the amount of sunlight, this polish will appear pink. In direct, bright sunlight it's more a bright, Barbie hot pink. In dimmer natural light, Sheswai Babe becomes a deeper pink closer to fuchsia. I don't think it's as dark as Essie's Sure Shot but it's along those lines. Indoors, the polish veers more red depending on the lighting. There are still times when it appears pink but as the amount of natural light decreases, particularly in the yellow-tinted light in my apartment the polish could definitely be confused for a bright red.
Formula: The formula of this polish is a little thick.
Application: Not knowing what to expect I was fairly cautious when applying this polish. The first coat went on smoothly. When I added the third brushstroke in the center, I noticed that the polish was a little thick and not self-leveling. It's one of those polishes that needs to be evened out but resists all attempts to do so. It didn't make a mess when I tried to even it out but using the brush to even out the polish didn't make much of a difference either so I'd try to avoid it. Just be a little more conscious of how much polish is on the brush so it's less of an issue. The second coat also went on smoothly but this polish just didn't want to go on in even layers. A light test revealed that the polish wasn't opaque at two coats but in a pinch you could get away with two coats. At three coats the polish was fully opaque. I used the third coat to even out the polish as best as I could but even still if you were to see it in person it's a little lumpy and streaky. Not terribly bad but not a great polish job either.
Wear: The night I painted my nails I got some dents in the dry polish which tells me that even though I wait minutes between applying coats of polish and top coat, this polish is probably slow drying or doesn't fully dry for a while. Be careful. I wore this polish for four days. In that time I experienced a negligible amount of tip wear though the polish did begin to look a bit dull.

CONCLUSION: It's impossible for me to enthusiastically recommend this polish because of the application. For $2.99, it's not bad but then I've tried Confetti polishes that apply beautifully. If you can get this polish for a great deal it's a relatively manageable formula but if you're looking for good results, it should be easy to find a dupe that will provide a better application experience.
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I'm not wearing Sheswai Babe on my nails in these photos. I forgot to do these bottle pics while I had the polish on. This is actually Ginger + Liz Boss Lady.
The accuracy of these photos is highly suspect because I had to edit these photos for color accuracy and you know how bad I am at editing photos.

I included these last two photos so you could get a better idea of what the dent in the polish looked like.

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