Saturday, July 5, 2014

REVIEW of Maybelline Colorshow Metallics Nail Lacquer in 80 Blue Blowout

Hello firecrackers,

Happy Independence Day to those of you in America (who are reading this post today) and Happy Thursday (or whenever it is you're reading this) to everyone else. I've had mixed results with Maybelline polishes in the past but they keep getting me to buy new bottles because of sales. Blue Blowout was no different. I found it on clearance at Duane Reade for $2.49 and hoping that it would be a dupe for Confetti Rhapsody in Blue, I snatched it up.

Color: Maybelline Blue Blowout is an aquatic blue metallic polish. Of the finishes, I'm familiar with, it's most like a chrome or metallic polish but it doesn't appear perfectly smooth. There are visible brushstrokes and there is weird grittiness to this polish that could be a defect. I would guess that it is darker than Rhapsody in Blue but I can do a comparison if you'd like. Indoors, particularly when there's less natural night, it comes closer to being an colder blue but in bright sunlight it's a brighter, aquatic blue that stops just shy of blue-green. The polish has a slightly flat finish. It's nowhere near matte but perhaps a bit more satin, not really possessing a full glossy shine on its own, though you can of course add your favorite top coat.
Formula: This polish has a thicker formula.
Application: The first coat of this polish went on so smoothly it was like this polish didn't even know what drag meant. There were visible brushstrokes because of the formula but I thought application would be easy with the polish already relatively quite opaque in one coat. Then I applied the second coat. I had to even out the second coat and suddenly the brush was dragging when I tried to even out the polish so my manicure started to look messy. At two coats the polish was opaque. I thought there was a slight difference between the look of the polish with and without top coat but then I never got around to taking the photos with top coat before my nails had grown out.
Wear: When applying this polish to my right hand, a weird flake of dried polish transferred to the nail. I'm hoping this came from the rim of the bottle and wasn't mixed in with the polish. I wore this polish for five days without top coat. In that time I saw notable tip wear, more apparent on some nails than others, and growth but no chipping. This polish did stain my fingers badly when I was removing it so that's something to keep in mind. It's one of those polishes that bleeds almost like ink as you remove it, staining your nails and skin. The staining fully faded after a day or two but don't expect a quick polish change with this one.

CONCLUSION: Obviously, I cannot recommend this polish. Even though I like the color and it was opaque in 2 coats, it had a ton of application issues. I could look past the unevenness of the second coat as it ended up looking fine if it weren't for the inexplicable gritty bumps (they were not bubbles) that ended up on a few of my nails.
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