Saturday, July 19, 2014

REVIEW of elf Nail Polish in Coral Dream With SWATCHES

Hello sugarplums,

Why do I keep buying orange polishes? Seriously, can someone explain to me why I have so many oranges? I hate orange. It looks terrible on me. Actually, it's not that much of a mystery. Most of the oranges in my collection were attempts to find perfect peach and coral polishes. Instead I have a collection of polishes that I don't like the color of which apply horribly. If you haven't been able to tell, I may be in a little bit of a mood today.

Color: Elf Coral Dream is a light orange creme polish. I really want to compare it to Revlon Apricot Nectar but I don't think they'll be exact dupes. Coral Dream has a creamier feel. It's not light enough to be a pastel but it has a soft look than a lot of oranges. I wouldn't describe it as dusty or muted. It's just... creamy. It makes me think of folding whipped egg whites into a cake batter.
Formula: This polish has an unquestionably thick formula. The polish threads as you pull the brush from the bottle. It's not as bad as the Julep polishes I tried once upon a time but it isn't great either.
Application: Full disclosure, I only applied this polish to one hand so I could do swatches. Applying this polish with my nondominant hand could have been a trainwreck that might have altered my review. Now that we have that out of the way... applying this polish with my dominant hand, the first coat went on fairly opaque because of the thicker formula but application was tricky. The brush was a little streaky and the polish was thick and not self-leveling but I would suggest not trying to even out the polish with the brush because you're just going to make things worse. At two coats, this polish wasn't opaque under a light test but I decided to just leave it at two, only adding a third coat for comparison on my middle and pinky fingernails. At three coats the polish is fully opaque but there's not too much of a difference.

CONCLUSION: It's difficult to recommend this polish. It's not the worst polish I've used and I managed to get fairly good results that mask the troublesome application with all the threading. But the formula is way too thick. Opacity is fairly high. I would say get this polish if you're really in love with the color and you're already placing an elf order online. This is a polish you get because it's cheaper than other polishes, not because it's amazing in its own right. Though, this is actually not the worst orange polish I've ever tried to apply. If you'd like me to do a new comparison of the orange polishes in my collection or just a comparison with Revlon Apricot Nectar, let me know in the comments.
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