Saturday, August 16, 2014

REVIEW of Ginger + Liz Colour Collection Polish in Boss Lady With SWATCHES

Hello boss ladies,

I very well couldn't call you "working girls" now, could I? Oh slang, always getting in the way of my writing. Anyway, I've got another Ginger + Liz polish for you from that same Ricky's order I placed so long ago. You'd think a girl wouldn't need this many red polishes but well, I probably don't need most of the polishes I currently own. I haven't attempted to organize my collection in a few months. I'm kind of afraid to do a count. It's well over a hundred at this point. Eep!

Color: Ginger + Liz Boss Lady is a red creme polish. I was debating whether to call it a creme or a jelly but it doesn't have the squishy gel look of a jelly. It's just a creme that's not completely opaque. Of course, you might own this polish and disagree with me which you are free to do in the comments but I'm calling it a creme for now. I don't know if it's so much of a "boss lady" red as a bright red, more of a bright tomato red than a cherry red or the deeper red that I'd associate with a "boss lady" look. I suppose there's a bit of assertiveness and aggressiveness to it. Still, it's more of a jungle red than a red for a boardroom. (I know I linked to it but if you haven't seen it, don't waste your time with that movie. It's not very good. Until I get the movie reviews up and running, the best I can do is warnings against the bad ones.)
Formula: The formula isn't notably thin or thick but if I had to make the call it's a thicker polish. However, unlike most thicker polishes, the viscosity has no effect on application.
Application: The first coat applied very smoothly. There was no drag at all and I found the polish very easy to work with. I didn't even have to even it out. It might be self-leveling. The second coat also went on very smoothly. You could get away with two coats if you're okay with visible nail line. The polish applied very evenly so if you don't mind a thinner, jelly polish look, two coats would be fine. I added a third coat which decreases the appearance of VNL but the polish was still not 100% opaque. I don't think this is a polish where you're going to get full opacity with a reasonably number of coats. On one or two nails the polish seemed a little thick but it was super easy to even out and gave me no problems.
Wear: The third day after I applied this polish I noticed very slight tip wear. I noticed it because usually my tip wear is smooth but this tip wear looked like minor chipping at the edge of the nail. Again, it was very slight and would have been easily fixed by wrapping the tips of my nails but I wanted to make note of it. It was primarily on my right hand so perhaps I'd done something to cause the damage.

CONCLUSION: I would recommend this polish. The formula is great and super easy to work with. If you already have a bunch of reds, you don't really need to add this to your collection as it isn't terribly unique. However, if you are looking for a bright red and you don't mind wearing a red polish that isn't fully opaque, this might be worth picking up.
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