Saturday, September 20, 2014

Lucky Shop Out NYC

Hello chickadees,

As part of my afternoon of running errands I decided to stop by the Lucky Shop Out New York promotion and see what it was all about. Here's how things work as I understand it. If you make a purchase at a participating retailer, you will receive a voucher for 50 Lucky Points which you take to the main Lucky Closet on Crosby Street between Howard and Grand where you can exchange your vouchers for items. Now, the brochure says that you have to spend $100 at participating retailers but I don't think that's true. I could be wrong. Let me first show what's available at Crosby St and then I'll talk a bit more about my personal game plan.
This is the main outpost on Crosby St. with the tents and the mobile Lucky Closet. You should have no trouble finding it. 
The Lucky Closet is the only place taking vouchers. 
Handbags were 200 points.
Swarovski crystal jewelry was 200 points.
The girl working said that these 100 point items from Space NK were probably candles.

250 point hats, gloves, and scarves
300 point jewelry
There were these cute little pretzel earrings.
The best sections to check out if you want some bang for your buck are beauty and jewelry. In the beauty section everything was 50 points. There were nail polishes and Yes to Carrots face wipes.
Here are some lip balms and Butter London lipsticks. There were three colors when I went by, a bright pink, a standard red, and a dark red. Given the original price, these can be a pretty good deal but I already have so much lipstick.
There was an Indie Lee eye balm and an Indie Lee body balm.
I think the container to the left was some kind of nourishing oil. The bottles at the front with the eye droppers were a Yes to Blueberries Face and Neck Oil. The orange bottles were a L'Oreal hair oil.

On the left is a whitening kit and on the right is a scented detergent for lingerie.
Yes to Cucumbers face wipes, Yes to Coconuts lip product, lip crayons and eye shadow sticks
Necklaces 100 points
Necklaces 100 points
Necklace 100 points
Earrings 50 points
Necklaces 100 points
This the item I ended up getting with my vouchers. The Carràmba Mamba Rope Strand Green 
 is still being sold at for $26.99. It might not be the most expensive item I could have gotten but I think it evens out since I don't have to pay shipping.
Necklaces 100 points
Bracelets 50 points

Bracelets 50 points
As you can see, all the retailers are concentrated in the same general area but it could be a bit of a walk if you wanted to check out every location. My strategy was to go to Smile to Go which is a more casual version of the Smile restaurants. That way you only need to spend a little on a sandwich or a scone or a coffee to get a 50 point voucher. I got a second 50 point voucher just from the girls in red Lucky shirts who are walking around handing out pamphlets. I don't know how long they'll be doing that but if you can find them, it's nice to start off with 50 points without having to make a purchase. I also checked out two other spots. In spite of what it says in the pamphlet, the people at Kate's Paperie didn't know anything about posters or travel journals and the items they were giving away were ugly slim, stitched unlined notebooks in gold or silver. Still, if you'd like to get a greeting card or a journal here, I'm fairly certain they wouldn't make you spend $100 for a voucher. I also checked out Cosabella. I couldn't find anything I liked in my size but they do have CityMani manicure stations in the front and back of the store. There were different polishes being used at each station. If you'd like to get a mani there wasn't really any wait but you should know that if someone makes a purchase, they'll be able to go ahead of you. In the back of the store there were also macarons, jello shots, and I think some kind of drink with chia seeds if any of that sounds appealing. 

Now back at the tents at Crosby St there are two sections that might be of interest to you. The first is one for Pilot Pens. Just write down a fashion faux pas that you regret and take a picture with your sign and post it to Instagram for the chance to win a custom illustration, a Pilot Pen gift set, or a $500 Pilot Pen gift card. Of course, there's no guarantee you will win anything.
If you'd like to do your shopping closer to the Lucky Closet, there is a Nic + Zoe pop up set up. I think the discount is 20% or 25% off. Honestly, it's still just too hot for me to think about fall fashion.

I hope you found this helpful. Let me know in the comments if you take advantage of the sales or the vouchers and as always, happy shopping!

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