Friday, September 19, 2014

Marc Jacobs Gatsby SWATCHES

Hello darlings,

I'm sorry I've been posting so little this month. My excuses? Life. Work. My complete inability to properly edit photos. Why must we have this never-ending battle, technology? *shakes fist*

Anyway, in the interest of providing some content this month, even if I can't bring you all the polish reviews that I have on hold because the photos are so far from color accurate it would be pointless to post them, I thought I'd show you a special manicure in the meantime. No, it's not nail art. I'm still trying to figure out how to get my video-making apparatus up and running.

I had this manicure done at the Marc Jacobs Beauty store here in NY during a fashion week promotion. This is Marc Jacobs Gatsby. When I first had it applied I wasn't completely sold but in the next day or two I fell in love with it. Damn. Damn because it costs $18 for a bottle.

It's just the prettiest cool-toned metallic. It's slightly rose gold but very, very cool. It's more like a pink-toned silver without the coppery tone of a lot of rose gold polishes. I adore it. It feels deliciously icy. Old fashioned villainesses might adorn their nails with blood red or vampy purples and blacks but this feels like a shade for the new kind of dystopian future villainess who lives in a world of blue and gray. But I shouldn't get myself started on that rant right now. Let's just enjoy the gorgeousness of Gatsby.

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