Saturday, January 12, 2013

REVIEW of Sally Hansen Red Zin With SWATCHES

Hello chickadees!

Remember when the fashion world went mad for oxblood? I responded by getting a ton of deep red polishes that I quickly got tired of testing when I recalled how ambivalent I am towards red nail polish. But seeing as it is January and there are just certain colors that are perfect for winter, I decided to pull out my bottle of Sally Hansen Red Zin. I wasn't expecting much. I'm a bit of an Essie/OPI snob when it comes to drugstore polish. But I was very pleasantly surprised. I might even end up getting another bottle.

Color: Red Zin is a red creme polish. I hate describing reds because at some point it sounds like debating the distinction between eggshell and ecru. (Yes, I did just make a Cinderella II reference.) Anyway, to me Red Zin feels like a deep, brick red, though I've certainly seen similar colors described as oxblood. Frankly, I don't know if anyone knows what they're talking about when they refer to oxblood. There's not exactly a universal language of colors akin to the periodic table. Some people see oxblood as more red. And some people think true oxblood has to have purple in it. There's no purple in this polish, just so we're clear. I think the color feels mature. It's not really what I'd classify as a vampy, maneater kind of red. It feels more professional. Just as ruthless and dangerous but for the boardroom, not the bedroom.
Formula: The formula was nice. Not too thick or thin. The polish looked opaque in 2 coats but to pass the light test and get it fully opaque I did 3. Also, 3 coats seems best if you want to get a darker, more saturated color.
Application: Application was reasonably smooth. There wasn't any dragging but I hesitate to call it a "perfect" application. The brush is very wide and it is cut atrociously badly. The edges are very rough and uneven. Yet, it didn't affect application. It did make things a little messy and I did have to do more cleanup than usual. I did get one tiny bubble but I covered it up with another coat of polish.

Conclusion: I think Red Zin is a pretty gorgeous color. It's a good darker, classic red to have in your collection and while the formula isn't perfect, I would still feel comfortable recommending it. And yeah, I might get another bottle if this love affair with red polish persists.

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