Tuesday, January 28, 2014

REVIEW of Essie Mesmerize With SWATCHES

Hi bumblebees,

I'm back with another impossible to photograph blue nail polish which means I get another chance to mess about with my photo editing software. Hooray. By the way, I had to download Picasa onto my laptop again and it was scary as hell. Google, please stop making me feel like you're trying to steal my soul. Or at least all the content I generate. It's ridiculous that when you first start Picasa it starts downloading all your photos and there's no way to stop it. Some things are private and I'll add them to Picasa if or when I feel like it.

Color: Mesmerize is a medium blue creme polish. I would call it a primary blue or a true blue. It's a saturated, intense blue but it isn't a bright color.
Formula: I didn't find it notably thin or thick.
Application: The first coat applied smoothly. I found the polish very easy to work with. The second coat also applied smoothly without any drag. I noticed a little bit of threading (where the polish forms small threads as you pull the brush out of the bottle) but it didn't affect application. I did have to even the polish out a little with the brush but it wasn't a problem. At two coats, this polish appeared opaque but since I was wearing it with shorter nails, you might need a third coat to get to full opacity with longer nails. A more intense light test with a flashlight revealed that the polish was not completely opaque as there were a slight space in between brushstrokes.

CONCLUSION: If you're looking for a nice blue creme polish that's easy to work with and fairly opaque, I would recommend Essie Mesmerize. It isn't the most exciting color and you could easily find a dupe but application is great and unless you can find a cheaper dupe, there's no reason to not pick up Mesmerize if you're looking for a blue creme polish for your collection.


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