Friday, January 10, 2014

REVIEW of Zoya Dahlia With SWATCHES

Hello darlings,

First of all before we start the review I just wanted to say hi. I know I've been quiet for a little while. I've been around. I've just been working on other projects and also it's a little harder for me to get posts up when I'm working on my desktop computer. Yes, my laptop is still not working. Rage! OK, enough of that. Let's get into the review. I have another Zoya Pixiedust polish for you today.

Color: Zoya Dahlia is a black textured polish containing silver microglitter. It is very similar to the rest of the polishes in the Pixiedust formula line. It's a little sheer and the texture is a finer grit than the OPI Liquid Sand polishes as well as (I imagine) a lot of the other textured polish formulas. There isn't much to say about the color besides that it's a black base with silver microglitter. I do like the way it looks but it doesn't have a great amount of depth with or without top coat. I think personally I prefer it without top coat as it has more of a subtle edge whereas with top coat it comes across as a bit more flat. If you're looking for a lot of texture you might be disappointed.
Formula: The formula is on the thicker side though it's also sheer which... is what it is.
Application: I applied three coats of this polish. I could talk about the application of each coat of polish but they were all pretty much the same. The formula is thick but the polish applied fluidly without any drag though I did have to even the polish out with the brush quite a bit. However, it didn't really present that much of an issue and I was able to get fairly even coats, though of course they weren't as even as the coats I would get with a good creme polish. The first coat was already fairly glittery but when you build up the polish it doesn't end up looking like a glitter bomb. As it is a textured polish it does apply shiny when wet and dry matte. I would only use three coats of this polish. For me, it's opaque enough. It's not as opaque as a creme and it might still be too sheer for some people but I personally wouldn't go beyond three coats.

For my right hand, I used two layers of glue as my base coat. The next day I was able to easily peel the polish off of my nails. I see no reason why this wouldn't have still worked if I kept the polish on for longer but in the interest of full disclosure I probably only had the polish on that hand for 12 hours at the most. I would recommend using glue as a base coat as removal was much easier. Though removal wasn't terribly bad with nail polish remover and not as bad as it would have been with a foil or another type of glitter, I did have to use a fair amount of pressure and scrubbing and there were a few stubborn pieces of glitter than lingered. I will just save myself the trouble and use the glue method next time for both hands.

CONCLUSION: I would recommend this polish but I understand that it won't be for everyone. It is not completely opaque and it might too much for some people and not enough for others but I like how subtle it is. It's nice for those times when you're not in the mood for a basic creme but you don't want something too out there either.


without top coat

with top coat
With top coat this polish reminds me a little of Zoya Storm. Personally, I prefer Dahlia to Storm.

For reference, this is how cleanly the polish peels off when you use glue as a base coat.

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