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REVIEW of Batiste Dry Shampoo Clean & Classic Original

Hello chickadees,
Yes, God only knows why but I've decided to review another hair product. If you follow this blog, you know I'm not really an expert on anything though I am rather spectacularly good at doing my own nails and moderately good at writing. But I know very little about hair and hair products. That is my disclaimer. I'm just a regular person trying this product for other regular people. I decided to test the "clean & classic original" version of the Batiste Dry Shampoo instead of the other scented or tinted versions. It says that it's meant as an "instant hair refresh for all hair types." I have dry, slightly frizzy straight hair. Because my hair is so straight, by the second day, my hair has pretty much lost all volume and is flattened against my scalp. Sometime between the second and third day it starts to get a little greasy, mainly at the scalp. So when I set out to try this dry shampoo I was looking for something that would add a little volume and also leave my hair looking a little cleaner and less limp and depressing.

I used this product fourteen times between mid-August and mid-February. I feel like I can still get a number of uses out of it. If you'd like, I'll continue to keep track of how many uses I get out of this product before I've used it up.

I'll get straight to the point... I don't think this product really did anything for me. The only other dry shampoo I've tried is the Oscar Blandi dry shampoo that they sell at Sephora so it's not as if I'm a dry shampoo expert. But from one dry shampoo novice to another, I wouldn't recommend this product. First of all, I think anyone who claims that this dry shampoo gives them volume is a lowdown lying dirty rotten scoundrel. I never got any volume with this dry shampoo and in fact I think it made my hair even flatter on a number of occasions. It also didn't add any texture. As a positive, that also means it didn't leave my hair crunchy or sticky like some hairsprays can. I don't think this dry shampoo made my hair look "cleaner" exactly but if your hair is very greasy it does seem to make it a little bit more matte. I found that it didn't do much for second day hair but it improved fourth day hair. The instructions for how to use this product are printed on the side of the can. I generally found that even if I shook the can vigorously and then held the can the recommended distance from my scalp it would still leave a white residue in my hair. I'm glad this product works for some people but it does nothing for me. Does it sound like I'm daring you to buy this product and prove me wrong? Why am I so pugnacious today? Sorry about that.

Experience Notes
TRIAL ONE: I used this product on third day hair (two days after the day when I washed my hair). I applied a few spritzes of the spray and did not notice much of a difference after following the instructions. My hair was still pretty flat. I tried applying a bit more later in the day. The spray left a white residue in my hair which was easy enough to massage into my scalp (important as I have black hair). I still couldn't see much of a difference though I thought that maybe my hair looked a bit more matte. I did like that it didn't make my hair feel sticky or crunchy and hard.
TRIAL TWO: I washed my hair at night and then used this dry shampoo two days later on what was technically third day hair but probably closer to second day hair. I sprayed the dry shampoo farther away from the crown of my head than I had during the first trial. There was no white residue. If anything, this dry shampoo made my hair even flatter. It didn't appear noticeably cleaner.
TRIAL THREE: I washed my hair in the morning and applied the dry shampoo two days afterwards on third day hair. The dry shampoo still sprayed out white but I think the chances of getting a lot of white residue decrease if you hold the can of dry shampoo farther from your head. In any case the residue disappeared as I massaged it into my scalp. The dry shampoo didn't add any volume and I didn't think my hair looked noticeably different. It was perhaps shinier but the difference was so minimal that it was impossible to say for certain whether there had been a change.
TRIAL FOUR: I applied this dry shampoo again the next morning to fourth day hair. I did think that it made my hair look a little shinier and cleaner though not actually like clean hair and still quite flat.
TRIAL FIVE: I then washed my hair that same morning and later used the dry shampoo on third day hair again. Even though I was holding the can of dry shampoo the recommended distance from my scalp, the spray still left a white residue in my hair. I thought my hair might have looked a little cleaner but there wasn't a clear difference and the dry shampoo didn't add any volume. Also, my scalp itched a bit.
TRIAL SIX: This was the beginning of my September trials. I used the dry shampoo on third day hair. No appreciable change.
TRIAL SEVEN: I used the dry shampoo on fourth day hair. It seemed to refresh my hair a little.
TRIAL EIGHT: I asked for a second opinion before and after using the product. I was told that my hair looked a bit wet and perhaps cleaner but it wasn't a dramatic change.
TRIAL NINE: This was the beginning of my October trials. I think this product can make your hair look a little cleaner if it is already very flat and oily but it doesn't add any volume and or texture.
TRIAL TEN: I had forgotten to use this in October and November so this was the beginning of my December trials. I used this dry shampoo on second day hair for my tenth trial. The dry shampoo left a white residue in my hair regardless of how far away I held the can. My hair was unusually greasy that day and the dry shampoo did make it look less greasy but it left white particles in my hair even after I had massaged the dry shampoo into my hair and brushed through it. My hair was also very flat.
TRIAL ELEVEN: There was some white residue. The dry shampoo didn't really make my hair look much cleaner. It added no volume.
TRIAL TWELVE: The dry shampoo sprayed out white and also left little white particles in my hair even after I had massaged it in and combed it through my hair. It did make my hair look a bit more matte and less greasy.
TRIAL THIRTEEN: I forgot to use this product throughout January so this trial took place in February. The dry shampoo sprayed out white. It still didn't add any volume. I think it makes my hair look dry as opposed to matte.
TRIAL FOURTEEN: I don't think this dry shampoo makes my hair look any cleaner.

I'm not sure if these will be any help as the lighting was a little different for the before and after photos but I thought I'd add them to this post just in case they did help.
I applied this when my hair was quite greasy.
This is the white residue I mentioned. It usually isn't this dramatic. It depends how many spritzes of the dry shampoo you use.
Where did all this light come from? I don't know. Sorry. This is why I try to avoid taking photos indoors.

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