Monday, February 3, 2014

REVIEW of Sephora by OPI Already Famous With SWATCHES

Hello my little starlets,

How are you today? I'm just in such a better mood now that my laptop has been fixed. Today I want to share the polish I wore to a recent holiday party. Cat, you may be saying, it's the end of January, what holiday party could you have gone to? Chinese New Year is January 31 this year. Happy New Year to everyone who celebrated it. Anyway, let's turn our attention back to this polish. This is another polish from the Sephora by OPI Tinsel Town collection I purchased a while back.

Color: Already Famous is a champagne gold foil polish. I think. This polish isn't exactly like other foils but it's even less like cremes or shimmers or textured polishes. I'd say it's most similar to the hybrid foil formulas like Zoya Seraphina and Julie G Shimmer Island. But it's even more sheer than those polishes and the particles are smaller so you might be tricked into thinking this is some kind of shimmer or glitter polish. This polish is usually a pretty, flattering champagne shade that is a cool-toned blend of gold and silver which made it perfect for a holiday party. However, it can also look like a basic gold polish or take on warmer, coppery tones to be a bit more coppery and rose gold. I wouldn't call it a rose gold polish at any time but it can have that warmth depending on the lighting.
Formula: Already Famous has a very thin, sheer formula. It looks like a sheer base with flecks of shimmer.
Application: The first coat went on quite sheer but very shimmery, also like a top coat. I already had the feeling that it was more of a foil than a shimmer. It went on a bit streaky, which is not unusual for the first coats of most polishes. It didn't coat the nail in one even layer but there was no drag and I was able to even it out so this is a polish you can work with. The second coat was still a little streaky and quite sheer but shimmery. At three coats this polish was still sheer and failed a light test. I really didn't even to do a light test to know it wasn't opaque. The coverage does build up from one to three coats but it's just nowhere near opaque. If you don't mind being able to look through your nails this is fine but it may bother some people.
Wear: I wore this polish for 5 days and didn't experience much wear. It was actually surprisingly easy to remove though like a lot of glitters a few stubborn pieces refused to come off my nails.

CONCLUSION: I would probably recommend this polish, especially if you're getting it at Big Lots where Sephora by OPI polishes are heavily discounted right now. It is very, very sheer but the color is pretty and application isn't aggravating. It's really just the lack of opacity that is holding me back from really recommending this polish as otherwise it's a very wearable, flattering shade.

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