Saturday, February 8, 2014

REVIEW of Zoya Hunter With SWATCHES

Hello peanuts,
I was going to make some kind of reference to Artemis but it wasn't coming together in my brain. Today I have another polish that I picked up when Zoya was having some kind of offer (isn't that when I buy all my Zoya polishes?). Hunter is from the Zoya 2013 Cashmere collection. As far as I know, "cashmere" has nothing to do with the finish of the polish. It seems like a normal creme polish to me. Well, normal is probably underselling it a little. Let's break it down.

Color: Unsurprisingly, Zoya Hunter is a hunter green creme polish. Now, I feel like this still needs a bit more explanation as everyone doesn't agree on what hunter green looks like. They really need to come up with a standardized color naming system that everyone agrees on but let's not get into that right now. Zoya Hunter is a medium green. It isn't as light as a pistachio green but it isn't so dark that it veers towards black like Zoya Envy. Regardless of what the lighting is like, this polish always looks green. Now for me, Zoya Hunter has a bit more yellow in it than blue which is important because it'll affect how flattering it is for your skintone. While the darkness of the color makes it feel like a deep, rich green, the yellow makes it look a little drier than a forest green which is more blue-toned. I find it to be a very grown up looking green polish. If you're looking to step out of your comfort zone of reds and pinks and nudes but you don't want something too bright and colorful or too vampy, Zoya Hunter would be a good choice. It does sometimes have more of a blue-tone in natural light but I would say that for the most part, yellow dominates. This sounds like ridiculous quibbling but that's what you come to this blog for, isn't it?
Formula: Zoya Hunter had a thicker formula.
Application: Although Hunter had a thicker formula and I saw it threading a bit, it didn't apply like a thick, gloopy polish. Application went very smoothly. I applied three coats of this polish. All three coats glided on easily without any drag. As the polish was on the thicker side, I did have to even it out but it wasn't difficult. At two coats, this polish appeared fully opaque on my short nails minus a few spots. I applied three coats anyway to get full opacity for the swatches. I think you could maybe get away with two coats on short nails if you were careful with your application but you'd probably need three coats for longer nails. Application was also easy when I was painting with my nondominant hand. I have no issues to report.
Wear: I wore this polish for six days. In that time, I experienced a little bit of tip wear but if you wanted to extend the life of this polish, you could just wrap the tips again. However, there was also some growth (my nails grow rather quickly), a slight loss in shine, and a bit of scuffing on a few of my nails.

CONCLUSION: Yes, I would recommend this polish. It is on the thicker side but I had no issues with application. Because of the scuffing and loss of shine I don't think this is a polish that you could wear for more than a week but it is a very flattering color in my opinion and I'm happy to have it in my collection.
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