Monday, October 3, 2011

Review of Covergirl Natureluxe SPF 15 Gloss Balm in 205 Tulip

I picked this up over the summer during one of my random drugstore wanderings (this time in KMart...the one near the Astor Place subway station has a really good selection of these). It is the Covergirl Natureluxe SPF 15 Gloss Balm in 205 Tulip. OK, yes. I got sucked in by the pretty light green packaging and all the brainwashing advertisements in my fashion magazines and the SPF 15 and the assumption that it's somehow natural/organic. So basically I'm saying "congrats, advertising and marketing teams!"

Amount: 1.9g of product
Color: Tulip: true pink/dusky rose
Benefits: SPF 15/Moisturizing/Shimmer/Light Formula
Drawbacks: Scent/Shimmer/Lack of Pigment

I tend to blather on and on so I thought I'd do a little summary before getting into my thoughts. The gloss balm is packaging in this nice sleek, slender tube that's about the length of my palm making it easy to toss in your bag but I think I'd like a bit more product for the price. In NY, when it's not on sale, it'll run you around $7-$9 which is good for a lipstick but bad for a lip balm a comparable size of which should be around $3-$4. I think the color is very pretty but it's also very sheer so it doesn't really matter which shade you choose unless you go for something in the red family which might look different from all the pinks (I haven't tried any). The color is a little bit brighter than my natural lip color (a "my lips but better" shade)which is something I've been looking for. It good for a no-makeup natural look and also makes your lips appear fuller because if it matches the color of the inside of your lips, the eye sees that entire area as your lip and your lips appear larger. Unfortunately, as it is a gloss balm it isn't so sticky that my lips stick together but my hair does get stuck to it on a windy day if I don't tie my hair into a ponytail. I love that it has some kind of SPF protection because as we age our lips age and are a good giveaway that we haven't been taking care of ourselves. They lose collagen and get thinner, and besides in winter they can really dry out. You can help with these problems by using a lip product with SPF just like you use products with SPF to protect the skin on your face. It is very moisturizing without weighing my lips down or feeling thick and waxy like the EOS lip balm I tried. The slight bit of shimmer makes lips look fuller without looking shiny and tacky or too youthful.

The drawbacks are if you want a lot of color like with a lipstick. This is very sheer. I can't even really do a swatch on the back of my hand because all you see is shimmer and a little bit of pink. Think of it as a sheer highlighter for cheeks. I would do a swatch on my lips but we all know my camera is terrible. Also, if you don't like shimmer, you probably won't like this product. It isn't too intense and it doesn't look like a frosted shade but it is there and apparent. The last thing is the reason I kept this product in my makeup kit for so long without using it. THE SCENT. It's very waxy and sweet. I've gotten used to the smell and you don't smell it once it's on your lips but I thought it was going to be as awful as Revlon lipsticks so I hid it for a long time before giving it another chance. It feels like a very young scent. I think I used to have lipglosses or balms from Smackers that smelled like this if that helps. If you want something completely unscented or have problems with waxy, crayon smells you probably won't like this.

On the whole, I recommend this product. It's moisturizing and looks natural. I could do without the scent and I'll probably wait to buy it on sale for the amount of product but I will likely repurchase it when I run out.

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