Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sales to Skip (Week of October 3)

The Hugo Boss Sample Sale running until Friday. Skip unless you are a guy, want to collect menswear, need business attire, or are planning on going to a job interview or a wedding. The menswear section was a vast multicolored array of crisp, clean tailoring and polished looks. The womenswear section was a sad rack of shiny, dull, or damaged clothing mainly in sizes 4-6. I ended up with two skirts in size 4 at $45 each and ended up choosing to go home with only one once I got to the register.

Benefits to going to the sale if you are not a guy and not accompanying a guy? Well, the showroom is pretty gorgeous to the point where I almost wanted to sit down with the mannequins. I don't know if it was the environment or how well-dressed they were but they seemed almost real. Maybe it was the hallucinations setting in after trekking through the vast unknown space between the showroom and the nearest subway station. The other benefit...or detriment? The changing room overlooks the water...and the highway. I'm about 90% sure that no one can see you from their cars or the Hudson River but it made for some nice photographs.

 The one nice dress I spotted while I was there. It was also a size four but the kind of size four that didn't fit the bust...which is always the weirdest thing when it happens because I have a small bust.

The Charles Nolan Retail Sale happening at their Meatpacking District location. I've already vented about it but essentially there's nothing to see and the salespeople are incredibly rude. Don't waste your time trekking out here either.

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