Monday, October 3, 2011

Update and Review of Essie's Carry On

Update on Me: Sorry I haven't been blogging as frequently lately. Life, you know. I don't think I use many makeup products on a regular enough basis to really review them. I'm getting there though so soon you're going to be flooded with reviews. Also, the boots I bought turned out to be really uncomfortable so I returned them. Sigh...

Essie's Carry On from their Fall 2011 collection is incredibly difficult to photograph. It is a red-based dark purple but sometimes it looks like the color in the bottle, sometimes it looks brown, sometimes it looks darker, sometimes it looks like a vampy purple leaning towards black. I would have been happy with the color in the bottle and instead I was left with a color I liked some of the time. If you don't already have something like this in your collection I would recommend getting it though as the formula was great. Two coats to get it opaque. Three coats to get it perfect and fix any mistakes. This is one of those formulas I like to call "self-correcting". Not too thin or thick, it just glides over the nail and eases over any mistakes, filling into the corners the way you want it to. I wore this for two weeks (had to do some touchups at the beginning of week 2 b/c my nails grow like crazy) and I was pretty happy with it for those two weeks. I think this is a solid dark nail color to get you through fall and winter if you aren't really in the mood to mix things up.
This is against my dog's fur. I don't know why put I love all my nail polish color choices when I hold it up against him. Maybe I should do this for makeup swatches so you could imagine the colors against blond hair.
This is the red/brown I mentioned. It can look even more brown than this at times.

All the shots are indoors or outdoors during the day with some kind of sunlight as all my indoor shots at night or in the bathroom came out terrible and looking nothing like the actual color. This is the purple/black I was talking about.

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