Monday, May 20, 2013

NYU Graduation Nails

Hi chickadees,

I'm keeping this post short as there's not much to say. I can't really give you a tutorial on how to accomplish this look as you basically just have to paint it. There's no easy technique. My only tips are don't be afraid to mess up and try doing a test run. If you make a mistake you can always just clean up the design with whatever color you used for the background. This is the test run I did to make sure I could execute the design before trying it on my nails.

For my background purple color, I swatched all the purples in my collection and my closest match to NYU violet was Zoya Pinta. However, I don't recommend this polish as my bottle is full of bubbles and it's much darker than NYU violet.

For the letters, I used a striper I bought at my local beauty supply store. It's from Nicka K but the brand seems to be A! Absolute Nail Art Paint. There's no name but it's the white striper. You don't need to look for this specific striper. Anything at your local drugstore should work. Just unscrew the cap before you buy it to check that you're getting a good brush. If the bristles are not cut evenly, it will make nail art much harder.

For the torch, I actually used a brush I picked up at Pearl Paint. The lettering on the side of the brush reads "00 Rekab 314 Kolinsky Israel". I've been using this brush for a while and I like that it is very precise. I also appreciate the fact that I can take off the nail polish with nail polish remover without damaging the brush or the bristles. As long as you remove all the polish, the bristles shouldn't harden. I will keep you updated on whether this changes as I continue to use the brush.

For my pinky nails, I used 3 coats of Zoya Trixie for some sparkle.

For the violet (which may not look like a violet... Google Image Search was supremely unhelpful) I used Sally Hansen Good to Grape for the petals, Zoya Monica for the shading and Zoya Pippa for the center of the violet. I freehanded the petals and shading with the brushes that come with the nail polish bottles and used my own brush for the center of the flower.

For the sake of comparison here are the letters on my left hand (top) vs. my right hand (bottom). While the letters on my right hand (painted with my nondominant left hand) aren't as neat or thin and precise, it is possible to execute letter on your own. I have very little control with my left hand but using the striper, I found that painting the letters was actually pretty easy. 

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