Friday, May 31, 2013

REVIEW of N.Y.C. Big Bold Curl Mascara

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Full disclosure, I only used NYC's Big Bold Curl Mascara three times. But those three times were enough. If insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result then I think I lived up to the title of this blog while testing this product. I might have given this product a few more chances but I started testing it in early March and because of allergies and general busyness I didn't try it again until late May so I wanted to toss the product to be safe.

Formula/Consistency: NYC's Big Bold Curl Mascara has a thicker consistency. It's one of those whipped mousse formulas as opposed to the very wet, thinner formula mascaras. Hey, I'm trying. If you're looking for a mascara expert, check out Clumps of Mascara.
Wand: This mascara comes with a very big natural bristle wand. I found it a little difficult to maneuver this around my eyes and brush the wands through my lashes. I'm not sure who would have such long lashes (even with falsies) that they would need a brush this big. But you do get used to using the brush eventually, it's just not as convenient or well-designed as it could be.
Curl: Sigh. Yet again, I found another mascara that uncurls my lashes in under a minute. Hooray! I spend a crazy amount of time making sure my lashes are perfectly curled with my Shiseido eyelash curler, then I apply this mascara and poof! My lashes end up stick straight. The first day I tried this mascara, I applied three coats and ended up with lashes perpendicular to my eyes (sticking straight out) which basically means you can't see them at all and when I put on my glasses, they obstruct my vision. (Note: I always let the mascara dry before I put on my glasses and this mascara uncurled my lashes before I put my glasses on.) On my third day trying this mascara, I only used one coat and my lashes still uncurled in under a minute.
Volume: Even though this product was useless to me because it uncurled my lashes, I did find that it added some volume. The effect is more pronounced with multiple coats but I could see a bit more volume with even one coat. I noticed a few clumps during my last trial but I think you could comb those out. I just didn't want to go over my lashes again as I really wanted to see if my lashes could stay curled with just one coat of mascara. They couldn't.
Length: I didn't really notice any improvement in length.
Smudging: On the days when I wore this mascara out, it smudged under my eyes within 20 minutes. These were not very hot or humid days and it wasn't raining. And I tested this mascara on the days when my allergies were in check and my eyes weren't watering. Yeah. I know, it's kind of pathetic for a mascara to smudge that quickly. I then tried to clean up the smudging as best as I could. When I checked again in about 4 hours after my initial application, the smudging was back.
Feel: I didn't feel like my lashes were especially crunchy but they were a little hard and definitely not light and fluttery.

CONCLUSION: Would I recommend this mascara? Hahahahahahaha. No. While it provided a little bit of volume and it's relatively inexpensive, I experienced terrible smudging and the mascara uncurled my lashes. I suppose this might be fine for people who don't have a problem keeping their lashes curled but I personally can't comment on that.


The top picture shows my lashes curled using my Shiseido eyelash curler. The bottom picture shows my lashes less than a minute after applying one coat of N.Y.C. Big Bold Curl Mascara.

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