Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Hello my little honeybees,

Guess what time it is... That's right! It's time for another textured polish review. Today I will be reviewing Honey Ryder from the OPI Bond Girls collection. When I first saw swatches of this polish, I knew I had to have it in my collection.

Color: OPI Honey Ryder is a cool-toned gold textured polish. I can barely contain myself. I love it so much. It has this amazing grittiness and it's really just what I feel like I've been wanting and not getting from the other textured polishes that I've tried. It's definitely a cool-toned gold as opposed to a more yellow-gold or a warmer gold with more orange or red to it. I feel like I see the textured polish as well as gold microglitter.
Formula: It's hard to make a call on the formula as textured polishes are a little different in consistency. I would say that it's thinner rather than thicker but not noticeably so. It's neither watery not gloopy.
Application: Application was very smooth. The polish comes with a wide brush but I didn't have any issues with it. Honey Ryder is very glittery on the first coat. The second coat also applies smoothly and you can work with this polish a little bit. The polish is basically opaque at three coats though I did see some slightly sheer spots at the tips of my nails when I did a light test (holding your nails up to a light source to see if the coverage is even). I wonder if this would be more noticeable if my nails were longer.
Wear: I only wore this polish for 3 days. I didn't experience any chipping or tip wear in that time but I kind of got a little tired of feel of the texture. It isn't abrasive enough to scratch up your skin but it does feel a little rough.
Removal: With my regular non-acetone polish remover it takes about as much effort to remove as something like Orly Rage or Revlon Carbonite. Still, I did use Elmer's glue as a base coat on my thumb and while the polish didn't pop off in one layer, I was able to peel it off in small pieces with a little effort. I didn't damage my nail and it was a lot faster and less tiring than using polish remover.

CONCLUSION: I would absolutely recommend this polish. I already bought a back up. It's a gorgeous gold polish. I think the cool-tone is very flattering for my skin tone and you're really getting texture. However, this might not be for you if you don't like textured polishes and I'm not sure if it really offers full, even coverage. If I try it again when my nails are longer and there's a major issue, I'll update this post.
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