Friday, August 2, 2013

Super Duper Market

Hi chickadees!
I haven't managed to get myself to a sample sale. Truth be told there really haven't been any sales that I've found exciting, though I do need to replenish my wardrobe. Anyway, instead of attending a sale, I traipsed over to the Super (Duper) Market pop-up. It's in the St. Patrick Youth Center beside the church (the former location of The Market NYC not to be confused with this pop-up).

I had investigated all the shops on their website the night before so I definitely had a plan. Of course there's not really much to do at each booth if you don't intend to buy the product.

I headed straight for Askinosie chocolate first. Dark chocolate is a weakness of mine. They have samples of the products they are selling. I tried the sweeter dark chocolate sourced from Davao, Philippines and the richer variety from Cortes, Honduras. I ended up getting both bars. Given the surprising depth of flavor, I probably would have picked up the other two dark chocolate varieties if they had been selling them. You can order the chocolate from their website. The salespeople are very knowledgeable about their products and are commendably committed to properly sourcing the ingredients for their chocolate and working with local farmers. 
(1 bar of chocolate = $8)
Askinosie Chocolate
Next I headed to Salty Road Saltwater Taffy. They had samples of the peppermint which was quite good but a bit strange because the mint and salt flavors were both so present. I opted for the Sea Salt Caramel Taffy. I was tempted to also get the Vanilla but I held back as I'm new to taffy and not entirely sure if I like it yet. I might have purchased another box if they hadn't run out of their samples of the other flavors. Caramel Apple and Bergamot could be good but I'm not willing to take the leap of faith. They also sell their taffy on their website. 
(1 box of taffy = $6)
La Newyorkina was my next stop. They were selling their paletas and nieves. We purchased a corn nieve (like ice cream) and a cucumber lime paleta (like an ice pop). Both were really true to the flavor of the products. The cucumber lime paleta was so refreshing I might try and recreate it with my juicer. The woman working there was very friendly and helpful.
(1 cup of nieve = $3)
(1 paleta = $4)

Finally we stopped at Brooklyn Soda Works. I don't tolerate spice well but I love that little kick of spice in ginger ale. I purchased a cup of their Apple Ginger mix which has a nice hint of apple flavor and a healthy punch of ginger. It's not overwhelming to the palate but you definitely taste the ginger. Be sure to try it first though to see if you like it. I do not recommend the lemongrass. 
(1 cup = $4)
(1 bottle with soda = $8)
(1 bottle w/o soda = $6)
(refill of bottle = $4)

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