Thursday, August 8, 2013

REVIEW of Essie Fruit Sangria With (Terrible) SWATCHES

Hello chickadees,
Do you know how hard it is to think of innocent nicknames that urban dictionary doesn't have a disgusting definition for? In other frustrating news... Gah! This polish was impossible to photograph properly. Impossible. I tried every lighting condition I could think of: indoors, outdoors, morning, noon, night, with flash, without flash, all my camera settings, different cameras... until I finally gave up. But, I can still review this polish so I am going to get to that without further delay.

Color: Essie Fruit Sangria is a saturated pink creme polish. I would call it a hot pink but it can look a little more red under dim lighting conditions or indoors and it can also become a little deeper and more magenta. It doesn't always have the same brightness and intensity. It contains a very subtle gold shimmer (which could arguably be called a frost finish) but it's so subtle that you're really not going to notice it except in rare instances. I can only see it when I'm in my kitchen. It reminds me a lot of Essie Sweet Talker if you're familiar with the finish of that polish. My review is here but it was one of my earlier posts and doesn't have the best swatches.
Formula: The formula is pretty standard, not noticeably thin or thick in consistency.
Application: The first coat applied very smoothly. With the second coat, I tried to get the brush right at the edge of the nail so it wasn't as clean as I would have wanted it to be. So, I added a final third coat. I could have gotten away with two coats. At two coats the polish was not fully opaque when held up for a light test but the coverage was pretty even. The third coat applied very smoothly with no dragging. The results were pretty much the same when painting with my nondominant hand though I noticed more dragging and uneven application on the second coat. With the third coat I managed to even out the polish except on a few fingers where you could see the overlapping brushstrokes. I should also point out that it might be the new bottle of Seche Vite that I'm using but my nails weren't as shiny as they normally are and don't have that same slick feeling. Now it's usually glitter polishes that eat up top coat but I did notice the lack of shine.

CONCLUSION: I am not adamantly against you buying this polish but it's hard to recommend this polish over another when the color is so easy to dupe and the shimmer isn't really apparent. It's a pretty pink that's bright but also somewhat demure. I prefer when it's more of a hot pink because it makes my skin appear paler and brighter whereas when it is more of a muted magenta/red it makes my skin look darker but also duller. I guess if it's on sale and you like the color, you should know there are a few application issues but on the whole it's a fine pink polish, but it if you have the choice, I would look for something else.

SWATCHES (None of them are color accurate)

You can see the shimmer a little in these pictures but it's more of a gold shimmer. I have no idea why it photographed like this.

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