Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color in 460 Snappy Sorbet

Hello my little sorbettos,

Oh my God, I can't even remember when I bought this polish. I feel like it must have been ages ago. I think I wanted to try this back in October as a pumpkin orange fall shade. There are just some polishes that never seem appropriate for the season or the occasion. But finally in the middle of August, I felt like painting my nails bright orange. So here were are. I have swatched this polish once before in my orange/coral polish comparison which you can check out at this link.

Color: Sally Hansen Snappy Sorbet is a orange creme polish. It's a fairly standard orange. It doesn't lean red-orange like a lot of the oranges that have been released in recent collections in the past year or two and it's not as bright as some of the neons. Instead, it feels like a safer alternative that appears muted beside those colors, though still fairly loud in its own right. I suggest checking out that comparison post I linked above as it photographed a little more accurately beside the peaches and corals in my collection. While it isn't a horrible color, I don't think it flatters my skintone and it makes my skin look dull.
Formula: The formula is on the thicker side.
Application: The brush for this polish is horrible. It's a wide brush which is already a point against it for me and the way the bristles are cut is just ridiculous. It's like they weren't even trying. I was afraid that the brush was going to create a lot of problems so I painted thicker coats than I normally do. The first coat was a little streaky but not too bad, though I immediately got bubbles on two nails. I also immediately noticed how badly this polish smells and how strong the smell is. The second coat was even more streaky. I had a very difficult time trying to getting the polish to even out, though the polish was pretty opaque aside from the balding and patchiness. With the third coat of polish I noticed the brush dragging. In short, my nails looked like an absolute mess. My Seche Vite worked wonders but you can still tell at the sides of the nail that this polish didn't apply evenly.
Wear: I could only put up with wearing this polish for two days. After two days of wear, it was already very tough to remove and stained a little. I can only assume that if you wear this polish longer it could stain worse and be harder to remove.

CONCLUSION: No, I would not recommend this polish. It was a pain in the arse. There are plenty of orange polishes out there. You do not need to struggle with this one.


Not color accurate. I took this photo before applying top coat as. It gives you a better idea of how bad this looked in person.

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